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Ram describes himself as a ‘passional.’ He created this term to describe people like himself, people who have no professional qualifications or relevant experience but have become experts in a sector. Passionals create new concepts not based on the foundation of professional qualification or years of work experience, but on the foundation of their passions.

Ram had been an advertising and marketing professional for two decades. His long career in advertising and marketing took him to global companies like Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy & Mather, and Publicis and Standard Chartered Bank. He spent most of his professional career outside India in the Middle East. Ram was a Shopper Marketing Specialist with the Saatchi & Saatchi X Team.

In 2006, he returned after a 17-year stint outside India and founded Our Native Village, an eco resort just outside Bangalore in South India. Our Native Village was the culmination of his dreams and passions, as well as decades spent in research.

Ram’s childhood memories of growing up in a household where thrift and prudence were everyday principles were rekindled when he observed certain heart-wrenching aspects of ‘man-made poverty’ amongst farmers in his neighbourhood. While the urban world is known to have little respect for environmental issues, he realised that rural India had been stripped of its inherent knowledge of how to harness nature, and is made to rely upon undependable promises of resources.

With no background in sustainability, Ram’s dream of developing a fully sustainable living model was put to test with Our Native Village. In a world filled with good intention, great ideas, and eager consultants, the attempt at total sustainability in Our Native Village was recognised at the time of its inception as the only commercial working model of sustainability. Our Native Village has since been recognised with global and national awards, having been featured by much of the world press, including Asia Geographic Magazine, MSN, India Today, Outlook Traveler, and BBC.

Ram has been involved in events that have had a lasting impact on him and those around him. In 1995, he cycled across Lebanon, raising money for two children’s charities in Beirut and Dubai. Following this, he cycled close to 4,000 kms across India from Jammu to Kanyakumari, raising money for the Neelbagh School, run by the Aashraya Trust. Ram and his wife also started the Fertility Support Group and an informal adoption support group when they lived in Dubai, running it for a decade.

Ram is a certified ‘Climate Leader’ after undergoing an intensive training programme, personally conducted by the Former US Vice President, Mr. Al Gore. He is a regular speaker at sustainability conferences and seminars. He spends a lot of time spreading the values of sustainability to students, the corporate world, and to all those around him. He now lives in Bangalore with his wife Lalitha and their kids, Aakanksha and Akshay.

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Many people have the awareness and good intent to implement sustainable solutions for their business enterprises. Others only dream about it—not knowing how, when, or where to start. Green Dreams describes in detail how you can begin to implement sustainable solutions for your business, today.

Learn how…
Sustainability and green living are actually simple concepts to understand. Implementing these ideas into everyday life can seem difficult because it often requires a total shift in mindset. Green Dreams opens our eyes to sustainability as much more than a nice idea, making it a practical set of solutions.

In these pages you will uncover…

How an enterprise implemented sustainability solutions in all the five pillars of sustainability— energy, water, waste management, architecture, and through the food chain. The common mistakes they made have been described in an open and honest manner, and the lessons learnt have been detailed to benefit anyone who is interested in green living. Enjoy your life fully with your family and friends.

Applying a sustainability mindset will help an establishment
build a lasting business for the future.

  • Leaders with vision adopt sustainability as a necessary element for the lasting growth of their businesses.
  • Sustainability is a simple concept, but can be difficult to implement because it requires a shift in mindset.
  • Focus needs to be maintained on sustainable solutions that contribute to profitability.
  • There are five pillars of sustainability— energy, water, waste management, architecture, and the food chain.
  • Evaluating sustainable technologies for an enterprise requires relevant application knowledge.
  • Green living should be facilitated for effective implementation, and made interesting for successful adoption.
  • For all stakeholders in an establishment to buy into a green living model, conviction has to be clear at the top.
  • Leaders should be the drivers of sustainability initiatives, as delegation may send the wrong message to the establishment.
  • Recognition, awards, and appreciation fuel any sustainability initiative better than any other incentive.
  • The best legacy a visionary leader can leave behind is his commitment and implementation of sustainability processes and practices.

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