Carmenchita “Menchie” Zaldua Rosales


Carmenchita “Menchie” Zaldua Rosales is an author, speaker, songwriter, poet, and nurse, and was a writer of articles for newsletters and school publications in her capacity as contributor, reporter and Editor-in-Chief. She has worn many hats in her life as a nurse, a single mother, and a survivor of poverty, postpartum depression with suicidal thoughts, two divorces and partial blindness. As such, she integrates her playful and happy disposition, along with her strong faith in God, to be a transformation catalyst and bring about positive change in the lives of Overseas Foreign Workers (OFWs) all over the world. Her innate compassionate, loving and caring qualities compelled her to share her story to inform, inspire and empower the OFWs and turn them from being mere underdog martyrs into a powerhouse of happy and successful migrant workers enjoying the fruits of their labor and sacrifice. Menchie was born and raised in the Philippines but has been living in Canada since 1982 where she continues to pursue her passion for serving God and others. She is an active member of the Catholic Women’s League of Canada, the Couples for Christ Handmaids of the Lord and volunteers with the Believe Street Meals to feed the body and soul of the homeless and destitute in downtown Vancouver. She continues to develop her communication and leadership skills through her membership with the British Columbia Nurses’ Union and the Toastmasters International where she enjoys participating in speech competitions. Second to God, her greatest loves are her daughter (Sarah), and her son-in-law (Moufid) who both continue to inspire and challenge Menchie to be a better version of herself.


Shine, Overseas Foreign Workers, shine! Your time to shine is now!

This book is a loving tribute to all OVERSEAS FOREIGN WORKERS all over the world, especially to the Filipino OFWs.

It is a practical guide for all OFWs (those contemplating on being one, those already working abroad, and those OFWs planning on retiring home for good) on how to achieve success and happiness as OFWs despite all the challenges and difficulties encountered in all phases of being uprooted from their homeland – such as the pain of separation from their loved ones, guilt from missing important milestones in the life of those left behind, infidelity, breakdown of the family system, teenage pregnancies, depression, poor health, burn out from overwork and lack of financial security. This book is for all those who are or were broken hearted as victims of fraud, lost love, bullying, discrimination, illegal recruiters and physical/ sexual/emotional/financial abuse by employers, etc. OFWs will be INFORMED, INSPIRED and EMPOWERED through financial literacy, making informed decisions and knowing their rights, entrepreneurship, self-care, investing in themselves and for themselves, loving themselves while at the same time taking care of their loved ones back home so they can have a better future, but without sacrificing the OFWs’ own health, happiness, finances and well-being.

This book should also be shared with the dependents of the OFWs because it is an eye-opener into the OFWs’ sacrifices and ordeal. After reading this book, the dependents will become engaged partners with their OFW family member to create for themselves a sustainable life so that they will not be dependents of the OFWs forever.



You can break the culture of dependency and feeling entitled by some OFW dependents who have no initiative to have gainful employment of their own. You will discover ways how to change your dependents’ mentality, attitude and behaviour, and make them realize that OFWs are not an endless pit of wealth or their ATM forever.

Deal with feelings of separation, depression, hopelessness, lack of physical intimacy, infidelity, family breakdown, feeling unloved by their children who feel they have been abandoned by their parents, getting stuck in the status quo. You will see the power of faith and prayers, self-love, self-nurturing, self-mastery, self-talk, investing in your self to have a more balanced life, better education and career.

Be protected under the law while working abroad by knowing your rights, the resources and agencies available to assist the OFW.

Retire in good financial standing by learning financial literacy, entrepreneurship and being informed about retirement savings options available for OFWs to which they can contribute while working abroad.

Deliver effective long-distance parenting by learning how to communicate with your younger children.

Avoid being victimized by illegal recruiters by learning ways to screen your potential recruiters. Know what to do in case you become a victim of illegal recruitment.

Avoid culture shock by learning how to prepare for your job abroad by getting to know about the country and the people where you plan to work with emphasis on some countries’ religious and cultural norms and traditions which are strictly enforced such as in the Middle East.

Find out about the risks of working abroad such as human trafficking, human organ trafficking, physical/mental/emotional/sexual/financial abuse, and how to mitigate the risks identified.

Promote and preserve mental health and mental hygiene.

Have a successful reintegration when you are ready to retire for good in your home country by learning the steps to prepare yourself financially, physically and emotionally to reconnect with loved ones in a nurturing, caring and loving environment after years of separation.

Avoid financial bankruptcy from being victimized by fraudulent lovers or dishonest trustees of your hard-earned money by learning ways how to protect your finances and your investments.

Be a better version of yourself by knowing some strategies for self improvement. These are effective tools to achieve a balanced life physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

Find purpose and meaning in life. These five tools will help direct the reader to what matters most that will bring him/her success and happiness.


For years, OFWs have been hailed as heroes for their sacrifices to make a better life for their loved ones, and as big financial contributors to their countries’ economy through their money remittances.

But in doing so, OFWs are oftentimes overworked, tired, sick, burnt out, taken advantage of, and suffer from self-neglect, guilt, lack or absence of financial security, feel broken when their homes and families they have worked so hard for are destroyed. Some OFWs feel trapped in enduring endless financial sacrifices forever. They become the underdogs whose life is devoted to servitude to others, some of who do not even deserve the OFWs’ sacrifices and hard work.

Not anymore. It is time OFWs claim their self-worth, respect, health, happiness, dignity, financial security and general well-being that they so deserve.

It is time for every OFW to be successful and happy! This book will show them how.

• Learn how to love and nurture one’s self
• Master how to live a balanced life (holistic approach to one’s physical, mental, emotional, psychological,
social and spiritual well-being)
• Be more financially secure (entrepreneurship, financial literacy)
• Improve/maintain your relationship with your family members
• Learn how to deliver effective long-distance parenting
• Safeguard your money and investment from fraudulent people
• Develop self-mastery
• Learn how self-talk affects one’s disposition in life
• Discover how spirituality keeps one grounded and resilient
• Break the chain of dependency on the OFW
• Learn how to deal with discrimination and bullying
• Protect yourselves by knowing and understanding your rights and your contract
• Understand the risks of working abroad and how to mitigate those risks
• Avoid the common pitfalls that OFWs tend to fall into
• Learn how to teach the OFWs’ dependents how to fish so they will not be forever dependent on the OFW
• Find out what resources are available for OFWs while working abroad (the services offered by the
Philippine Consulate, OWWA, POLO, for example)
• Identify some legalities to consider as an OFW (ex. wills, repatriation, trustee and guardianship, etc.)
• Understand the possible consequences of interracial unions/ marriages among OFWs from differing
religious and socio-cultural backgrounds and the potential adverse health considerations of such union.
• Promote and preserve mental health and mental hygiene
• Learn how to be a transformational person; from being poor to one with a better economic status; from
nothing to something.