Caleta Wright & Shontice Morris



Shontice is curious and passionate about life and enjoys learning new ways to live life stress-free. It was her inquisitive mind that led her to question why some black women had long hair and others did not. As a result of her interest in acquiring skills and knowledge, and going on a seven year journey, caring for her hair. Shontice has decided to share her experience and help others through this easy-to-follow guide.

Caleta became hair-conscious at the age of nine, acknowledging that her hair was a part of her, even though she was not happy with its characteristics. She wanted longer, fuller, softer hair, though at the time, she knew nothing about healthy hair, how to achieve it, or how to take care of it.

After two years of wearing braid extensions, Caleta decided to have her hair relaxed, and for the first few weeks, it was soft, straight, and longer than before. Then it began to break. She switched from braids to relaxed hair and vice se versa for over two decades, which left her hair severely damaged. As a result, she became depressed and simply accepted that her hair would never achieve the length and texture she desired, or that she would ever feel confident wearing it in its free-state.

She had given up! Still she had always admire her sister’s hair and deep within herself, knew it was possible to achieve fuller, healthier, well-cared for afro-textured hair. So she took those before photos of the damage and went on a search. As she built on her knowledge, extended her research, and listened to her sister’s guidance, she began to experience a change. After 18 months, her hair looked and felt dramatically different.

Shontice’s enthusiasm and dedication coupled with Caleta’s desire, belief, and action is the very basis on which The D.K.D. Principle was created. It is their desire that you come to know a more flexible, gentler, and super solid way to care for your hair. It is said that change happens out of choice, chance, or crisis. The author hopes that you will make it your choice and see this book as your chance to avoid a hair crisis and achieve the healthiest, most beautiful hair that you desire and deserve.


Historically, black people were told that their hair, among other features, marked them as inferior. Today, they are still denied social and economic opportunities unless their hair is straightened, tamed or chemically treated.

Afro-textured hair structure is prone to persistent dryness, hair breakage, hair loss, brittle ends, and shrinkage. Not knowing how to care for afro-textured hair and its characteristics can create damage-physical, emotional, and social- but understanding how to care for this important part of who we are can elevate us.

For most, confusion exists about hair care due to information bombardment (on-line) and the saturation of product options available on the market. Despite using countless tips and products, many users see little to no improvement. And sadly, we grow up with an enslaved mentality that there is something fundamentally wrong with afro-textured hair.

Afro-textured hair acceptance is difficult to achieve when so much fuss and attention is given to hair that is worn in a natural or free state, or in certain styles. Individual insecurity and discomfort, low self-esteem and self worth run rampant in the black community, but this can be changed.

This book will GUIDE you on a hair journey where you can remove all doubts, fears and misconceptions around hair and more. You will come to terms with the fact that your hair is actually curly, soft, manageable and beautiful, and that you’re not just your hair. But your hair is you! Afro-textured hair is truly amazing: Indestructible, versatile and transformable.

You can have healthy, luscious, radiant hair regardless of hair type. It is down to you to intend your desires and welcome the path on your journey. It is you who hold the power of decision, the power of knowing and the power to do it (take action).

This is the very premise that gave birth to The D.K.D. Principle, a spiritually enlightened way. The D.K.D. Principle can be applied to just about anything, but it was created first and foremost to the aim of this book: Which is to allow the lush, love and light of afro-textured hair to shine bright. And to remind those who are still wanting fabulous radiant hair just how to take care in retaining and maintaining their mane.


  • Awaken your desire for healthier, fuller, and longer hair
  • Minimize breakage with moisture techniques
  • Use protein/moisture balance and other key tips and products that will work for rather than against your hair
  • Read your hair’s signs to help you fix problems fast
  • Remove the guesswork out of growing, maintaining, and retaining your hair for life by identifying barriers to growth
  • Embrace all that is, and all that you truly desire to want and be including, but not limited to: the lush, love and light of your textured hair

The independence and wisdom of caring for your hair, whether naturally or chemically treated. An easy-to-read guide with step-by-step instructions, The D.K.D. Principle will help to kick start you on your hair journey to becoming a pro at mastering your mane.

No confusing jargon. A simple to follow guide. The D.K.D. Principle will help you uncover independent beauty and a paradigm shift in belief, hair consciousness and hair awareness.

The easiest hair guide on how to care for your hair on a day-to-week basis.

The end of the extended black hair myths and secrets!

  • Understand your hair characteristics.
  • Learn hair growth phases and information on hair nutrition from the inside out.
  • Manage hair with simple techniques.
  • Set time-specific goals.
  • Come to terms with patience.
  • Acquire flexible hair care regiments.
  • Apply common sense by shifting old black hair myths that no longer serves you.
  • Awaken your desire for healthy, fuller, and longer hair.
  • Minimise breakage with moisture techniques, protein/ moisture balance, and the use of key products.
  • Read your hair’s signs and fix problems fast.
  • Remove the guesswork out of growing, maintaining and retaining your hair for life, by identify barriers to growth.

“Finally, a book that gives results and allows you to gain understanding. It gives realistic methods that anyone can incorporate in their day to day lifestyle.”
– Suzanne Miles, author of Fork It