Bonnie & Dr. Jay Crandall


Bonnie and Dr. Jay were not looking for love when they met on a blind date set up by mutual friends. Both were survivors of divorce and both had not only taken time to heal, but were very comfortable with being single at this point in their lives.

Prior to their first meeting, each had made healing from previous marriages a priority. However, they had taken two very different paths rebuilding their lives. Faith was central for both. Bonnie became involved in a mission out of Ireland called Direction for Our Times. Dr. Jay had gone through the Co-Dependency Anonymous 12-Step Programs.

From their individual methods, both learned the importance of honesty and trust. Clarity was achieved in what they wanted/needed in a partner if it was in God’s plan for them. Established boundaries were in place. Neither was willing to compromise their values.

It is these summations of their individual journeys to healing the authors want to share, praying others will have a marriage beyond their wildest dreams. A marriage with purpose and passion, harmony and happiness, NO MATTER WHAT!


Why do some marriages/relationships thrive while others seem to just survive?

How do couples overcome difficult times, deepening the bond between them, falling more in love with each other?

Is it possible to completely trust another human being, especially after a difficult break up or divorce?

Is God the center of your relationship? Or is He only an afterthought?

Our spouses/partners should know us inside and out… the good, the bad and the ugly. So why do we hold back on fully revealing our true selves? Without truth, there is no trust. Without a foundation of trust, there is no glue to hold the couple together.

In Letting Purpose & Passion Drive Your Marriage, Bonnie and Dr. Jay Crandall share their personal experience in a journey toward creating a marriage filled with purpose and passion . . . a journey beginning with two people who worked on healing within before embarking on a new relationship.

Learn How To…

Develop a strong foundation of honesty and trust whether you are dating, newlyweds, or married for years.

  • Create a checklist of the characteristics you admire most in a partner.
  • Resolve conflict and allow the experience to take your relationship levels higher.
  • Put actions in place to support and encourage a thriving married life.
  • Create healthy support and reinforcement systems.
  • Deal with family and friends who do not support you as a couple.
  • Keep love alive . . . for a lifetime!

In These Pages You Will Uncover…

Different paths of healing Bonnie and Dr. Jay took to arrive at the same place and fall in love.

God is central in a successful marriage. It DOES take three!

Communicating openly and honestly without judgment or going on the defense will create a deeper bond between the two of you.

Developing spiritual muscles together makes challenging times easier.

A checklist of wants/needs shared with your spouse (or written for yourself when dating) will open up the channels of communication right from the start.

Setting clear boundaries with family, friends and acquaintances takes your relationship levels higher.

Forgiveness requires taking your ego out of the situation.

Keeping love alive is easier than you think.

Invest in your marriage and the returns will grow geometrically, exceeding your wildest dreams!

  • Happiness begins from within. Two happy individuals are fundamental in harmonious marriages.
  • When it comes to being married for life, have a checklist of characteristics you want and need in a partner. Know which ones are negotiable and which are deal breakers. Married? Explore, develop or rekindle characteristics that attracted you to each other in the first place.
  • Go deep early. Put it all on the line . . . the good, the bad and the ugly. Quantity of time is important, but quality of time creates the opportunity to know your partner on a deeper level.
  • Decide as a couple the people, things and activities you want to keep in your relationship as well as keep out. See your partner’s wants as a safety net for your marriage, not a restrictive covenant.
  • Develop your style and form of conflict resolution early as a couple. Regardless of the chosen method, there must be mutual respect, staying with the issue at hand, and the ultimate goal of taking your relationship to a higher level as the reward for your efforts.
  • Complete trust is the foundation of any successful relationship. That trust begins with honesty.
  • In time, respect builds trust. With trust comes loyalty.
  • Both partners must give 100% to the relationship. Service to each other requires humility. Two people in love easily serve one another out of awe and gratitude for the Divine Gift of a marital life with purpose and passion.
  • A successful team is made up of people working toward the same goal. Surround yourself with family and friends who are positive and supportive when it comes to your relationship.
  • Keep your love alive . . . think of what brought you together in the first place . . . laughter, fun, dating, faith . . . and do more of it! Look at your relationship as a living, breathing entity. It must be tended to in order to thrive.