Blair Mills


Blair Mills started over 25 years ago estimating and bidding on small commercial construction projects. He went on to develop his skills and was part of the team that built Toronto’s first office tower in more than 20 years. This $120 million, 21-storey office tower won the 2004 REX Award in Real Estate Excellence for Office Development of the Year. His entrepreneurial skills have enabled him to achieve 4 Star Manager rank in his current business. He is a mentor to many people and really cares about empowering people to achieve greatness in their lives. He is the father of two daughters, Emily and Alexandra, and has been married for more than 15 years to Patricia (Trish). He is also a former high school swimmer who qualified for OFSAA, a Provincial level swim meet. He is well on his way to becoming a bestselling author, speaker, columnist and consultant throughout North America and globally, and credits much of his success to following in the footsteps of his own very successful mentor. His upcoming book will be, without a doubt, endorsed by many well known authors. Recently interviewed by Liquid Lunch, a local online Toronto program it was clear that his ideas are the opposite to that of the traditional business model. He is provocative and innovative. He gives practical ideas and strategies to assist almost any business.


Why is it that the ordinary people of our highly skilled workforce fall into the debt trap right out of school instead of
reaching the financial and time freedom they want to enjoy? It is because they have never changed their thinking! They have never acquired the skills to get A Shot In The Wallet. Why is it that so many ordinary people work endlessly to climb the corporate ladder, or build a business, and yet still struggle year after year? Blair Mills’ revolutionary book A Shot In The Wallet with its simple to follow “8 Steps To Getting Your Millionaire Lifestyle”
will not only tell you why, it will allow you to win in every aspect of your life. You can easily break through the cycle of debt and take back control of your life. You will see clearly how our modern day systems have conditioned your current results and you will learn a powerful blueprint system for changing your past programming.

  • Why debt, and why the struggle to get ahead
  • How to easily create a blueprint for your lifestyle, and put it into action
  • How to become time and financially free, enjoying the lifestyle you desire
  • A simple step-by-step system to creating new habits
  • The most powerful secret to becoming wealthy, regardless of your current financial situation
  • How to easily attract more money into your life and duplicate this skill at will
  • How to pay less taxes, legally, and leave a legacy for future generations
  • The one secret strategy of the ultra-rich
  • How you can create income from multiple sources
  • How you can create a Mastermind group to create wealth
  • How to become more effective in mind, body and soul
  • How to use the simple philosophy of Learn, Earn and Return

“A Shot In The Wallet” is not about me carrying 50 bricks and you carrying only 5. It is an interactive process for you to apply to your situation and a way for you to take action to restore the lost dreams that you once had – those dreams you put on the shelf of life – by understanding what you must do in order to make your dreams come true. Does debt control you? Do you want to stop getting further into debt? Do you want to get your life back on track as fast as possible? Then read this book. You will never look back.” – Gerry Robert CEO/Bestselling, Author of The Millionaire Mindset

“A Shot In The Wallet” will have you exploring where you are now finacially, how you got there, and then give
you the system to create your success plan to achieve the life you desire. It is about learning the simple, proven systems of the wealthy by interacting with the book online so you can start to see how to conquer your financial bad habits and permanently change your financial bottom line.” – Jean-Guy Francoeur, Author of The Messy Manager

“I found “A Shot In The Wallet” very refreshing; unlike so many books on the shelves today, it is not offering a ‘quick fix’ for your current financial situation. What it does deliver is a minimum 3-5 year plan for success for entrepreneurs, small business owners and people in transition to achieve the lost dreams they once had. You can follow these proven success systems to steer you clear of the common business problems that many people fall into by mastering the 8 Steps Of Getting Your Millionaire Lifestyle, including how to easily create a blueprint for your desired lifestyle and put it into action. A great read for those wanting to learn how to develop their ability to be successful in all aspects of their life.” – Daniel Hanzelka, Author of Financial Reset