Bindar Dosanjh


Bindar Dosanjh learnt the hard way; she began property journey as an accidental landlady when forced to rent out rooms in her home to make ends meet. The mistakes she made when starting out cost her thousands, yet the knowledge gained from those early errors is the priceless expertise she shares with you now. Today, Bindar is an award-winning property mentor, trainer, and international speaker, plus she is financially free.

Brought up in Birmingham, UK, Bindar has always been self-motivated to provide more for her family. As a full-time working mother of a young daughter, she put herself through law school. Today, Bindar offers her time to support other women seeking greater financial independence. She brings her wealth of knowledge to encourage other women to be brave and reach their dreams too.

You too can become a real property investor and take control of your financial future!


As a woman in today’s world you are given to believe that you can “have it all”; yet you are left to cope with the everyday realities of juggling work and family life. You find yourself working long hours with very little to show for it, worried that your only income is linked to an insecure economic environment. Your expenses outweigh your income, and you find yourself counting the pennies to make ends meet. You pay into your pension that is controlled by others and actually may never be sufficient for retirement security. You have little-to-no money left over at the end of the month,especially for the treats you’d like to buy for yourself and your family.

As hard as all this seems, there is a way to control your financial destiny!

Let Real Property Wealth for Women show you how to create wealth by building a strong, secure property portfolio. Learn key strategies that will work for you from the outset, and overcome your fears along the way You don’t need to be passionate about property, but you do need to be passionate about the benefits it will provide for the rest of your life.

With Bindar Dosanjh’s tried-and-tested strategy, you’ll learn to avoid costly mistakes and will step into the investment arena with knowledge and power ready to invest in any economy. Become inspired by stories of everyday women just like you who invested their way to success.

“Bindar’s mission is to inspire and empower women all over the world to take control of their financial destiny so they are better equipped to impact the next generation”.


A woman’s tried-and-tested property investment strategy for you to take control of your finances, avoid costly mistakes, and get it right the first time as you invest your way to success.

  • Property investing doesn’t need to be your passion, but the rewards will support your passion
  • Avoid the myths and learn the advantages to property investment
  • Discover why women make great investors
  • Overcome fears to be in the right mindset for financial growth
  • Plan your property investment success story using a step-by-step strategy for financial wealth
  • Choose the best strategies to suit your circumstances
  • Research your investment area wisely
  • Find creative solutions to finance your portfolio investment
  • Manage your accounts to avoid charges, mistakes, and miscalculations
  • Choose the right team to support your portfolio
  • Select and manage your tenants correctly