Berns David Lucanas


Berns David Lucanas has a successful career in Banking IT profession. She has worked in different countries, namely: Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and South Africa. In more than 20 years of corporate life, she committed herself to personal development and excellence. She is a firm believer that developing one’s self is one of the keys to success. She mentors colleagues, relatives and friends in both career and personal development.

Outside work, she serves a Catholic Family Ministry (Couples for Christ). Together with her husband and other married Catholic couples, she looks after the spiritual journey and personal growth of a group of engaged and young married couples. She is also invited to give spiritual talks to single professionals. Berns is also a member of a mission team in China breaking language barriers to deliver God’s message to the world. She is also involved in building homes for the poor families in the Philippines.

An adventurer, Berns does not believe in limiting one’s self. She is willing to try anything that she puts her passion into including photography, painting and traveling to other countries. She never stops to develop herself and acquire new knowledge. She has a strong belief that anything can be achieved when you are living your purpose in life. She is happily married to Jomer and has two children, Joshua Miguel and Jannah Mikaela.

In her endeavor as an author and motivational speaker, she accelerates her learning to personal excellence. It is her purpose to motivate, empower and show people how to tap their full potential and achieve a rewarding and meaningful life.


Have you ever set personal goals only to procrastinate or not work on it? And have you realized that for each year, the same goals remain unachieved?

What do successful people have that makes them achieve any goals they set for themselves?

In TIME IS UP!, Berns David Lucanas shares with you proven success strategies that will allow you to achieve any goals in every aspect of your life.

These success strategies will help you have the power of clarity to know what you really want, why you really want it and how you can have it.

Learn how…

You can live the life that you really want, understand your driving force and take charge of achieving your goals.

You will learn useful strategies for creating a power plan, thinking big, having focus, never giving up and celebrating success.

These success strategies will show you that you have everything you need to achieve your goals.

In these pages you will uncover…

How to turn your goal into action and why you should do it now.

Taking action now will get you unstuck and move you forward with your goals.

  • How to be a Doer and not just a Dreamer
  • Why you should be biased for action
  • How to create a power plan to take practical steps toward achieving your goals
  • How each small step leads to great consequence
  • How temporary defeat leads to success
  • Believing in yourself is key to achieving any goals
  • How thinking big allows you to do ordinary things extraordinarily well
  • How having focus leads to coordinated effort
  • How persistence moves you closer to your goals
  • How you can create patterns of success
  • Every success, no matter how small, needs to be celebrated
  • An attitude of gratitude will bring you far in achieving any goals

“In every chapter of TIME IS UP!, you will find practical ideas and techniques that will surely enable you to take action on your goals. Following the action provided by this book will surely provide a dramatic result in your life. This book is priceless!” – Stanley Beckett, Author of LIFTOFF

“This book is not only about discovering what you need to do to achieve your goals but even more important it is about discovering what you really want in your life. You will redefine both your goals and your plan along the way. TIME IS UP! will surely launch you to success with the power of believing and never giving up on yourself.” – Nicole Normand, Author of Why Not You

“It is now time to act and grab a copy of this book! TIME IS UP! is surely a must read for those who want to take charge of achieving their dreams now. Berns David Lucanas will show you why time is so precious that each day counts to live the life that you truly deserve. – Guy Bowden, Author of Gain Without Pain.