Benjamin Foo


Benjamin Foo, author, speaker, entrepreneur and consultant, spent over 20 years building businesses, teams and people. His experience spans from starting new businesses to running a major publicly-listed corporation as part of a senior management team. Benjamin has been also an engaging speaker at numerous business and industry events in the US, Europe and Asia. He holds an MBA in marketing and finance from the Loyola University of Chicago, USA and is a Member of the Singapore Institute of Directors.

This book, iPOSSIBLE™, leverages on Benjamin’s wealth of experience in both the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds to show individuals and teams how to get the success they can. With the right thinking, tools and actions, it is simply not possible to be average and ordinary. Anyone who acts on it will get well beyond the ordinary toward extraordinary.

Benjamin experienced impossibilities from an early age to adulthood. At times, life felt impossible as a teenager and he had to run for his life. His early academic results were, at best, average. As an adult, he has faced impossibilities few will encounter.

The saving grace as a student at Anglo-Chinese School was that he “majored” in scouting, demonstrating outstanding leadership as a boy scout that was recognised at the national level. If success left clues, this was an early one. He believed in giving his best. Moreover, he had the guts to do what he believed. So as a 16 year old scout and lifeguard, he had no qualms jumping instantly into a crater lake in Indonesia to help someone in distress.

Life turnaround academically when he applied his belief in doing his best in the US. Using this and other principles he subsequently learnt from the practical school of hard knocks, he went on to succeed at what he did, for which he is thankful to God.

Benjamin was Executive Vice President and the Head of Operations at the Singapore Exchange (SGX), with responsibility for a large team. He had earlier successfully pioneered the SGX AsiaClear business, the first of its kind in Asia-Pacific and a market leader. Prior to this, he was Executive Director at Phillip GNI Futures Pte Ltd and Vice President at the Singapore International Monetary Exchange.

While achieving business objectives, he also built strong, cohesive and motivated teams. His passion for talent and people development caused him to mentor, coach and empower colleagues from new graduates and young scholars to middle and senior managers.

His vision is to impact businesses, organisations, teams and people to raise their achievements and enable the fulfillment of corporate and personal objectives.


Why is this book, iPOSSIBLE™, worth having?

  • Life is tough. It is not always fair. Situations often seem impossible. What can you do to turn it around and change your outcomes?
  • You may have your successes, but you desire far more in life. Even the best sportsman or sportswoman gets a coach to go further. Because there are blind spots, perspectives and methods often unknown to the sportsman.
  • Few really have serious mentors in life. But why should this leave you discovering things late in life when you can get a heads up instead? Trial and error is not the most optimal way to succeed faster.

iPOSSIBLE™ shows you powerful concepts from angles that may be new to you and gives you proven ways to step up your results. It is a catalyst. It will cause you to reflect, think deeply and act daringly. There are a few key things that you can do to change your future and destiny. You will re-gain your excitement, dream bigger again, turnaround seeming impossibilities and focus on taking the right actions to achieve further success faster.

Many of us share a common desire of living our best life and achieving greater impact, freedom and fulfillment in life.

  • So if you are a young adult embarking on your journey of life, work or business, iPOSSIBLE™ will save you years and some pain in your journey to success.
  • As the mindset and principles have universal value and application, the book is also beneficial for older working adults, the self-employed, and those working on multiple income streams to be financially free.

You will learn…
You can use the powerful concepts and practical ways illustrated to re-focus, overcome challenges, dream bigger again and take the right actions to achieve success faster in whatever you do.

At the end of each chapter, there is a concise worksheet help you get the best results from the book and, importantly, from your own reflection, thinking, conclusions and decisions.

So iPOSSIBLE™ is more than a motivational book. It is practical. It challenges. And it demands the true grit of renewed Thinking – Believing – Acting to Succeed at whatever we do. It will change some important areas of your life.

In these pages you will uncover…

Why you need to see a bigger future, what will get you outstanding results and how you can achieve the extraordinary in whatever you do.

  • Discover four factors that will change your outlook and outcomes.
  • Re-vision for a bigger future.
  • Map out the type of success you want.
  • See how clarity of thinking changes your game and future.
  • Master the most powerful tool to deliver results.
  • Experience the power of teamwork.
  • Get out of the ordinary zone to the extraordinary.
  • Dare to do what takes to get to where you want.
  • Learn a distinctive in leadership that makes a difference.
  • Take smart action to transform your financial future.

“Benjamin is powerful. I love his passion when he speaks on stage, and I can tell he loves and cares for people. With iPOSSIBLE™, Benjamin can now help more young adults run faster, reach their destinies beyond jobs and enjoy fulfillment. Benjamin’s ability to move the masses to greatness puts him in a league of his own. So listen to him. I look forward to working with him in Asia and around the World. The mark of greatness is upon Benjamin!” – Johnny Wimbrey, TV personality, Celebrity Coach, Entrepreneur, and Author of From Hood to Doing Good. From Adversity to Prosperity Through the Choices You Make, USA.

“Great to see Benjamin Foo combine the experience and mindsets of both worlds – the corporate and entrepreneurial – in one concise book to help people succeed. I can imagine what this will do for those who are hungry and coachable, whether they are in careers, doing business or seeking to be financially free.” – Gerry Robert, Author of the Millionaire Mindset

“With this exciting book in hand, young adults will discover things most would never have thought of. It is packed with value and real life experiences. It’s like a virtual mentor. When practiced, the proven principles enable people to leap ahead. But you got to want it! And if you are a parent, this is a good one – practical advice you never quite had the opportunity to pass on!”
Jean-Guy Francoeur
, Author of Messy Manager