Bathandwa Mcuba


Bathandwa Mcuba likens the social, moral and cultural landscape in South Africa to a never-ending evolving zone. A generation of technological advances, new priorities and influences, has created a devastation of sorts among people – particularly the youth as they struggle for identity.

Responses of despair and blame are common, yet Bathandwa, a visionary, community builder, spirit lifter, and a businesswoman is dedicated to rebuilding and helping people regain their identities. This includes providing hope to recipients of the Focus on Youth programme, a Non-Profit organization she founded with special focus on school children and young people. In 2012, she was appointed as the Chairperson of Mix Telematics BEE Trust Fund.

Bathandwa’s keen interests in arts and culture , traditional customs; African art, paintings, cuisine, fashion and dance has proved a great basis for her book, which in turn has become the perfect platform to showcase the root, the rib, and the rag of the authentic African.

Born and bred in the second largest township of South Africa Mdantsane and raised in the country that produced great leaders, King Shaka, King Machado, King Skhukhune, Queen Modjajdi, King Hintsa and many more. Bathandwa is following her calling to help rebuild the social, moral and cultural fibres of South Africa and Africa as a whole.

With strong support from her husband Dr. Mzimkhulu Mcuba, her family and friends, she is determined to succeed in changing the landscape of Africa and the World.


South Africa enjoys a rich cultural diversity, yet the education of such even to its own people has not always been highly valued. In Creative Culture: The Heart and Soul of South Africa, Bathandwa Mcuba attempts to change this by embracing and giving life to diversity by way of educating, whilst also giving a boost to the building of our nation.

Learn how…
By working together towards focused goals, we could break the cycle of tribalism, racism, prejudice and xenophobia.

Through greater understanding, respect and embrace of each other’s cultures and heritage, we could celebrate and live a peaceful and more meaningful life in a productive society.

In these pages you will uncover…

The rich diversity of South African culture and its people

A Healthy South African Identity is “UBUNTU”, it does not hide behind race, tribalism and prejudice, and it is part of grandeur society.

  • The Power and Beauty of standing together as one
  • From Amazing Afrikaners – Zealous Zulus, over 200 captioned photographs
    of South African people from diverse backgrounds and real villages
  • A multicultural extravaganza as the book takes you
    through the journey of all South African provinces
  • The true values of being South Africans and the Spirit of ‘UBUNTU’
  • Basic greetings/salutations in 13 different languages
  • Firsthand living accounts from the ‘born free’ generation
  • True South African lifestyle as lived by millions
  • What truly drives this nation?
  • How to celebrate and enjoy achievements

“This should be compulsory reading for all learners, scholars, businesses, corporations and government; as “Africa’s Time has come!”” – Fundiswa Roji, CA (SA) Cum Laude Board Member: Mix Telematics Limited, Imperial Logistics Africa, Soul City institute

“One of its kind, distinct, colourful and theatrical! Creative Culture… has created a unique move bound to leave readers with a new sense of recognition, insight and appreciation for South Africans and their landscapes.” – Yvonne Kwang , Author of Discover Cambodia

“and in 1996 we created the defense for these, our hard earned gains” Read Creative Culture, the Heart and Soul…see if you will feel and understand this history: we are South Africans” – Dr. Mongane Wally Serote , Former Parliament Chair of Arts & Culture, First CEO of Freedom Park and Best Selling Author