B. Heather Pinard


B. Heather Pinard was violated, teased, taunted and bullied as a child and brought the trauma of those events forward with her into adulthood. These events and others caused her subconscious mind to protect her and in doing so, later in life, caused her much physical pain to where she had to let go of her favorite teaching job. For a long time she thought that those incidents were her fault. She has been on a quest for the last 20 years learning more about herself and becoming successful in breaking through the Code. The SSSHNEWCode. In the process she has received several certificates that she uses with her private clients to help them break through the code as she has. She is a consummate student and believed we should always be learning, going forward or we die. There is no standing still.

During this time she has been taught personally by Experts and Masters such as Zig Ziglar See You At The Top, Bob Proctor of the Secret and You Were Born Rich, D r. Bradley Nelson The Emotion Code T. Har v Eker The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, Blair Singer Little Voice Mastery.

B. Heather Pinards’ new found wisdom for herself and her book is from compiling the best of these and what other learned authorities have taught her.

She is in a happy marriage of 43 years with one child and two grandchildren.


How is it that all of us use words every day and some of us reach our dreams, desires, goals and ambitions easily and others do not. What is it that is keeping us from reaching where we want to be in life. We are told that if we change our thoughts and feelings from negative to positive we can accomplish it all. Yet many of us are still stuck and don’t know how to get unstuck. The challenge, really an opportunity, is that we think we have changed our thoughts and feelings to a positive way at looking at something however the words we are using are still the same Secret Self-Sabotaging Hidden Negative Energy Words (SSSHNEW) and can be internalized into our subconscious to negate any positive action. Our subconscious mind is very powerful. It is fighting against your conscious mind with traumas your conscious mind has long forgotten or your subconscious has put these traumas so far down you don’t even remember them so that your subconscious believes it is still protecting you. The problem is that now you are no longer a child and do not seek that protected or require it.


You can finally break out of being stuck by having the correct knowledge the basic building blocks the right verbiage, the right words that once and for all will allow you to be able to take better control of your life.


The Secret Self-Sabotaging Hidden Negative Energy Words (SSSHNEW) that have been kept from you for you to really reach your goals faster.

  • You will learn how accountability can be FUN.
  • You will learn what is a reverse acronym.
  • You will learn a new way to Meditate.
  • You will learn how to change SSSHNE Words and make them positive and in the process turn your life around.

These Secret Self-Sabotaging Hidden Negative Energy Words will finally be revealed and you will have power over language that will open the door for you to be able to have the freedom and confidence you are craving. You will also discover…

  • The power of language – the use of words and phrases and how they affect the whole person.
  • To recognize the hidden self-sabotaging negative energy words and phrases you are using every day – some several times a day – that are keeping you from reaching your goals.
  • The words that are internalized and the part the subconscious plays.
  • The words that are causing you harm and might even be causing pain in your body as well as dis-ease.
  • Words and actions that were spoken or done to us or around us as children that we carry forward.
  • The use of reverse ACRONYMS and the ability to create new meanings with your now positive words.
  • A way on how to take control of the loud voices in your mind.
  • A Game that will make learning fun and easy.

“Anyone who has ever wanted to be able to have their goals reached faster can confidently benefit from the down-to-earth knowledge in this book.”
—Tan Choon Kiang
author of Life Makeover

“t’s rare to find such honest advice in such an accessible format. This book will surely be a classic.”
—Alexander Robert Figueroa
author of Assess This!

“The information in this book works. I knew there should be an easy way to be able to reach my goals faster and this is it!”
—Angela Tanger
author of Marketing Health & Wellness Her Way

“What a fantastic, straightforward and honest book. Congratulations, B. Heather Pinard.”
—David Hibbs
author of The Art Of Traveling

“The stories in this book help me understand myself better. Thank you for your courage.”
—J. Michael Cavitt
author of The “R” Effect