Avril Bunton-Williams


Avril is a Film Producer, personal development coach & mentor, speaker, creative entrepreneur and founder of Jordana Creatives. She is a creative at heart and learned a lot about creativity & humanity from her mother, who was a fashion designer, with a great love for people. She inspires and motivates people to break away from the “ant formation” and place more value on their own inner power.

She believes that success loves preparation and thanks to creativity, courage, and commitment; Avril’s business, Jordana Creatives, offers guidance and freedom to creative people who want to turn their creative ideas into businesses and become their own boss. After years of being stuck working in environments that did not align with her core values and who she was becoming, she has now crystallised all of her experiences into the business she now runs; offering life-mapping seminars, talks, one-to-one coaching, on personal development & growth.

Her greatest success is in the every-day growth she sees in her clients and in her 2 children, now in their adult years, who are also successful creatives. She has adapted into a 21st century creative entrepreneur by taking advantage of modern social media.

She believes that it is only by investing in and committing to our own personal development, that we can find ultimate freedom, deep and authentic happiness and one’s true calling and purpose in life.

Her writings on social media, entitled “Inspirations by Avril”, motivate & inspire followers with positive & encouraging words. She is on a mission to rid social media of the growing bully populism, which she calls “Woundism”; hoping to help people to think, speak and act with good intention and heal from disappointments.

Avril is well known for her ability to turn adversity into opportunity, advantage, ambition and triumph. Faith, determination, wisdom & good work ethic as well as a willingness to take risks, make mistakes, get back up, and do it all again, having learned from the mistakes, have made her the person of influence she is today.


Are you struggling with your parenting style? Do you want to put an end to the confusion you experience in dealing with daily changes? Do you have a real yearning to create harmony & peace in your home?

If you’re planning to have children, new to parenting or well established in your parenting style & looking to change the way you do things, then this book is for you. You have the power to become the best and this book will show you how to…. starting from where you are today.

A Parent for All Seasons offers you guidance on how to use your everyday challenges of parenting as a way of growing in consciousness & support through your evolution as a parent. The teacher is also the student. Through the practical tips offered in this book, you will change the way you see yourself, and the way you view the world. You will experience more peace, more joy and parent with great enthusiasm.


  • To parent with true intention and acquire the strategies used by successful parents who have followed the advice & guidance of renowned psychologists.
  • You can finally break the cycle of old habits that have held you back and begin to transcend those habits & patterns of unconscious parenting, to create more awareness in your daily life and your children’s.
  • A Parent for All Seasons will teach you how to communicate effectively about problems, resolve them and create harmony within your family and home. It will also guide you on how to strengthen your family to withstand the society’s unusual influences & peer pressure, discipline without punishing and become the key person of influence in your home.
  • Learn how to respond to your children through the changing seasons & social pressures and how to create lasting paradigms for their own success as well as yours.


Be inspired to create an extraordinary family relationship and uncover practical insights on how to achieve this.

  • A compendium of best advice & practices for your family.
  • A fresh perspective to creating harmony in the home.
  • Ways to make good decisions for yourself, your children and your home.
  • Guidelines on how to develop strong & lasting relationships with boundaries.
  • Techniques to become more self-aware, more conscious & more enlightened.
  • Steps on how to consciously & compassionately parent with your partner, together or separately.
  • Practical tools to create your own story for another generation.
  • Ways to create new leadership qualities by leading consciously & compassionately.
  • How to become the authority in your own life and your children’s lives.
  • Practical tips on how to change the way you see yourself, your partner, your children, your home, and the world.
  • Proven steps to banish the yo-yoing forever.
  • Encouraging tips, useful ideas to tap into your inner resources & succeed in parenting.
  • How you can raise balanced, well informed, confident & compassionate children.
  • A motivational treasure trove of comments and statements from other notable people of influence, to guide you on becoming the best parent you have the ability to become.
  • Even if you’re a “single parent”, you are not alone. Yes, there is a singularity about the dynamics in your home, but you are never alone. You have the resources available to you, to learn & be supported by others around you. Don’t try to be the martyr.
  • This book will bring you much needed comfort if you feel you’re alone and misunderstood by society or your friends.
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