Ashikka Mooloo Veerasamy


Ashikka Mooloo Veerasamy is a successful author, entrepreneur, speaker and coach. The past 15 years have taken her on a journey of both personal and professional discovery; it is during this period that she was able to establish that business does not operate in isolation from the human element and that understanding and accepting ‘humanness’ is a crucial factor to overall business success. Ashikka is a proponent of holistic, integrated work environments. It is her belief that the external presentation of business brings with it a telling tale of what lies within.

Ashikka is credited with a “can do!” life philosophy. She successfully completed an MBA in marketing, as well as the prestigious Chartered Marketer of South Africa programme. Her philosophy extended to business, with the establishment of a logistics company against the backdrop of the colourful, South African business milieu.

International and local businesses have enjoyed the privilege of working with Ashikka in areas of sales, marketing and operational management. She has worked metaphysically with teachers such as Dr. Baruch Banai, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Neville Goddard and Anthony Robbins. Ashikka is determined to stay REAL—to get to the core and reach for the truth, always striving for sustainable change!


Charge Up Your Organisation reveals the direct relationship between organisational ‘Diss-Ease’ and the consequence to corporate profitability. A company’s response to ‘misbehaviour’ is at best a reaction, after which a crisis often shows itself within the organisation. These are the consequences of diss-ease at a very basic level, and may have been avoided had there been devotion to understanding and acknowledging that human capital is the biggest investment any business can make.

The true cost of such eruptions can never be accurately determined. Effects are felt through the company—from the absent employee who is unable to perform his assigned duties, to the customer who does not communicate dissatisfaction but decides to move her business away. The outcome of any manifestation of organisational Diss-Ease is a hit to company profits.

By respecting and acknowledging the relationship between company profits and the crucial human capital component, companies can benefit financially from organisational health and wellness. Ashikka Veerasamy presents a call to action, demonstrating the emotional and financial costs to companies and employees when the relationship between them is affected and infected.

Learn How . . .

  • The initial investment in the employee can have a healthy effect on corporate culture.
  • Leadership values influence workplace ethics.
  • Equality and Human Rights impact workplace dynamics and company performance.
  • Keeping your finger on the emotional pulse of your business impacts financial health.
  • Building trust in your business builds company performance.
  • Organisational culture stimulates creativity.
  • Bring emotional intelligence to the workplace and reap the rewards.
  • Business ownership ignites purpose with employees.
  • Improved communication skills create an environment for better collaboration and interaction.
  • Dissonance with a company vision provokes employee stress.

In These Pages You Will Uncover . . .

It is time for business leaders to prioritise human capital as the single largest investment in their organisations. Employees have earned their place at the helm of corporate strategy and should not go unnoticed. This is not for the fickle or faint of heart; as an initiator for sustainable change, leadership will require resilience and determination.

“Leaders are needed at every level of the organisation.” Charge Up Your Organisation is a call to action for businesses, encouraging them to re-assume control and define a genuine path to sustainable, organisational well-being.

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • What’s Your Culture?
  • Trust: The Most Valuable Business Commodity
  • Workplace Diversity
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Hold Up Your Mirror
  • Directing Change
  • Elvis Has Left The Building!
  • Alignment
  • Attitude vs. Aptitude
  • Talent Management And Positive Organisational Behaviour

“Charge Up Your Organisation, gets to the point of what business needs, to achieve organisational alignment and make the most of the opportunities that come your way.”
Berns David Lucanas
, Author of Time Is Up!