Archana Dhurandhar


Archana Dhurandhar is a career professional with a passion for creative writing, as well as an avid reader of spiritual books. As part of her current assignment, she spearheads the e-commerce division of a leading diamond jewelry export organization in Mumbai. During her academic years, she was the recipient of multiple praises and appreciation for excellence in creative writing and literature. Albeit unpublished to date, Search for Excellence was her first spiritual article, written more than two decades ago, inspired by the preaching of Late Shri Dattapadma Swami, a spiritual guru. This sowed the seeds of Archana’s first book, The Soul Charger.

This was followed by her association with Eckaankur Holistic Centre where she learnt Reiki and The Brahmakumaris World Spiritual University for learning the art of Rajyoga Meditation, which has made a gradual shift in her thought patterns and redefined her life’s purpose. Glimpses of their soul-churning principles and teachings are reflected in The Soul Charger, She firmly believes her book is a blessing of the Divine, meant to spread the elusive secret of celebrating life to mankind. She intends to continue writing more soul churning books and to establish herself as a holistic/motivational speaker, in the pursuit of touching more souls and spreading more light.

Archana Dhurandhar is a finely balanced, compassionate, empathetic person. Blessed with a magnetic personality and a charming smile, she radiates positivity wherever she treads and leaves an indelible impression on all those she comes in contact with. She is charismatic, a confidante, and an anchor to many. She embarked on her spiritual quest after an anxious childhood battling recurring visions and vivid dreams of her past life. The seeds of her pathway to connect with the Divine were sown when she suffered from a severe health breakdown, the time when she turned to the Rajyoga Meditation of The Brahmakumaris. Ardent practice transformed her, and she recuperated and regained her emotional and physical well-being. Archana shares her insights and soul-empowering knowledge through personal experience to help you connect and reconnect with life and the Divine with The Soul Charger.


Is your past still hounding your present?

Do you experience sleepless nights gripped with fear, anxiety, stress, and insecurity?

Have you lost focus and control of your life?

Do you feel anxious about your future?

Are you missing out on feeling loved?

Are you constantly caught in a state of unrest, pondering mistakes and poor decisions?

Do you feel you’ve missed the bus when it comes to your dreams and ambitions?

Do you wish you had a genie who would fulfill all your wishes and make all your dreams come true?

Do you long for a time machine to carry you back to relive cherished moments?

Are empty money bags weighing down your mind?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, it is time to make a fresh start and dare to dream. Relax! Stay in control. Explore your true self and tap into your hidden potential. Bloom in abundance of health, wealth, and prosperity. Feel the touch of the Divine. Experience the power of thought, love, and gratitude. Take off on a magical journey, to a world of infinite possibilities. Relive your dreams and celebrate life!

The Soul Charger is your healing potion, and it will equip you to do all these things; it’s a magic pill just for you!

Learn How…

  • Identify your true purpose in life, by understanding the journey of the soul.
  • Establish a connect with the Divine.
  • Energize your Being.
  • Step out of the shadows of the past.
  • Accept Life and its offerings.
  • Uplift your dampened spirits and take charge of your thoughts.
  • Command the universe to fulfill your dreams.
  • Seal the emotional drainage with love, peace, and prayers.
  • Replenish your thoughts of scarcity with abundance.
  • Reset and celebrate your life!
  • Heal yourself and the world by tuning into the frequency of The Soul Charger.

In These Pages, You Will Uncover…

Discover yourself and redefine your life! The Soul Charger is a powerhouse of universal energy, divinity, and positive virtues. It will help you learn the art of living in abundance; learn how to deal with life and its challenges and offerings by adopting small but significant changes in lifestyle, habits, and thoughts. Follow easy tips that will add meaning and purpose to your life, then spread awareness to all those you connect with.

  • THE DIVINE CONNECT: Practice being in a state of soul consciousness with prayers, meditation, and silence. Recharge the battery of your soul to match the frequency of the supreme power.
  • THE JOURNEY WITHIN: Search your soul, move out of the  shadows of the past, and raise your emotional quotient by defining and redefining the purpose of life and focusing on its clear vision.
  • LET GO ATTITUDE: Delete ‘WAS’ and control ‘IS’. Travel light. Entertain a ‘Shift of Thought’: Change your regular way of thinking with a new perspective, cleanse your soul and conserve energy.
  • THOUGHT CREATES DESTINY: Believe in the power of thought. What you think, so it is. Analyze and filter the quality of your thoughts and feelings. Master the Art of Visualization and welcome your destiny.
  • FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Just as your body needs a balanced diet of nutrients to remain healthy, your thoughts must also be fed with values in the form of good reads, music, mantras, and inspirational quotes, especially when you rise with sunshine and retire under the blanket of stars.
  • ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE: ‘Thank you’ is not just an acknowledgement, it’s a Blessing, an act of Divinity which has a ripple effect.
  • SPIRIT OF LOVE: Be an avatar of LOVE: It’s the most powerful energy in the universe, a confidante, an anchor to help the needy, to lift up one’s spirits with an ‘Umbrella of Blessings’.
  • THE MAGIC OF THE UNIVERSE: Post a letter of clear thought to the universe, your genie, and unravel its mysteries. Learn the secrets to experience the magic of infinite and unlimited possibilities to celebrate life.
  • HEAL THE WORLD: Energize your being and be a messenger of love, peace, and compassion. Establish humanity as one religion and empower the world with positive virtues and vibrations.