Aquiles D. Tan, Jr.


Aquiles Tan, Jr is a survivor. Born from a modest family and grew up in the Philippines, he became aware of life’s inequities at an early age. His outlook in life was heavily influenced by his early education in his hometown of Sum-ag and Catholic institutions during his high school and college days. His parents struggled but managed to send him to one of the best schools in the country.

He migrated to America in 1988 with a duffle bag and just enough money borrowed from relatives to survive in what was to become the biggest adventure of his life. Unfazed by the challenges he encountered, he never gave up and managed to survive, never losing faith and learning life’s valuable lessons along the way.


Life changing events – How to handle them

Depression – How to get over it

Desperation – How to get through it

Hopelessness – How to fight it

Challenges – How to overcome it

Learn how…

  • Life changing events can happen to anyone and change your life forever
  • Faith and belief in a higher power can get you through life’s most difficult moments
  • Relationships matter and are important in life
  • Family and friends are there for you no matter what
  • Prayers work and miracles happen
  • Attitude matters, Hope is eternal

In these pages you will uncover…

  • What doesn’t kill you will makes you stronger
  • The will to survive and the power of the mind are great healers
  • Prayers work and miracles do happen
  • Relationships are important in life
  • The resilience of the human spirit

So you think you have problems and you’re ready to give up??

  • Challenges happen in life, others have worse
  • Prayers work and miracles do happen
  • Relationships matter in life
  • Positive attitude does wonders
  • Your faith will see you through
  • God provides
  • Everything happens for a reason
  • Never give up
  • Life is beautiful

“Anyone who’s ever dealt with life changing events and felt hopeless and desperate and thought of giving up should read this book.” – Kimberley Linert, Author of “Eye on Success”

“So many people give up so easily and succumb to depression and helplessness, reading this book will help you realize that challenges happen to everyone and these things can be overcome” – Marilag L. Mendoza , Author of “Forgiveness”

“MY SECOND CHANCE is a real and moving account of one’s personal struggle and survival against all odds”
Cheryl King
, Author of “Situational Awareness”