Antonia Cetin


Antonia Cetin, author of You’ve Got This, Mom! has been a teacher for 26 years. As an instructional coach at a local school board, she works with teachers on pedagogical practices and strategies so that they and their students can flourish on their life-long learning journey. She runs training sessions and leads learning groups locally, nationally, and internationally.

During a sabbatical year, Antonia homeschooled and travelled with her son to explore the world together, grow, and learn – meeting so many open and caring people along the way. Antonia had the opportunity to talk to loving mothers around the worked about their experiences and was inspired to encourage them in, You’ve Got This, Mom!

As a mom, Antonia has survived the accompanying guilt, worry, and self-doubt to come out the other side thriving. She made the conscious decision to give her son an example of a strong, independent, caring, and capable woman making the decisions needed by her family and enjoying her family and her life. She wants her son to see her happy and fulfilled so that he would know that it’s his right to be happy and fulfilled. She wants him to see her live her dreams so that he would know that he can live his own dreams. Wanting her son to see her creating the life she loves, Antonia pushed past her comfort zone to start a home business. Now, in addition to working with teachers, Antonia helps moms find balance and create the life they love while caring for the health and wellness of their families.

You can find Antonia riding her bike along the Ottawa River with her son and partner. You will know her by her well-developed listening skills, her brilliant/crazy ideas, and her warm smile. (Oh, and she smells great!)


Hey, Mom! How’s it going? You’re looking a little tired. Do you feel overwhelmed by demands of caring for your child, of keeping your family healthy, of making decisions that affect your child’s future? Balancing work and home life challenges the best of us. Keeping track of our time, our money and our stuff consumes our thoughts and makes us feel like we’re just going through motions to get through another day. You’re wondering if you’re a good mom and doing everything you can for your kids. When mommy guilt squeezes your breath away, what do you do? You’ve Got This, Mom! explores the tools you have to navigate this crazy modern world and its challenges, empowers you to embrace your wholeness and to realize you are the perfect mother for your child. Shift your focus away from surviving what’s happening to you. Tease out the blessings of every precious moment. Design the life you love. It’s your time. It’s time to thrive.


You can finally break the cycle of physical, sexual, psychological abuse. In this guide, you will be able to harness the strength and endurance from within to free yourself from the denial, struggle, and shackles that hold you from moving forward in your life. It’s time to unlearn your unhealthy coping strategies, time to put YOU first, and time to love yourself again.


How to face Today’s World head on and create more time for yourself and your family.

  • You are the perfect Mom for your kids.
  • You can let go of your guilt, worry, and self-doubt to embrace your greatness.
  • You can help your children grow to be independent, resilient, and happy.
  • You can work in coordination with your child’s school to ensure they have the best educational experiences.
  • Your faith in yourself, others and God will shape your perception and attitude to joy.
  • You can ride and tame the money bull.
  • You can care for your family’s health and wellness naturally.
  • You can find work-life balance and create the life you love.

You’ve Got This, Mom! is the tool all moms have been looking for. Discover the magic of balance and its role in overcoming the many challenges and obstacles that come with being a mom. Join Antonia on her journey to make this simpler and easier for moms all over!”

—Angela Tanger
Author of Marketing Health & Wellness Her Way

“Antonia does a spectacular job in capturing every mom’s struggles and turns them into triumphs. Find the much sought after middle ground of caring for your family and caring for yourself without sacrificing one of the other. Be the mom you’ve strived to become while living the life you’ve always deserved with You’ve Got This, Mom!

—Charlotte Canion
Authors of You Have to Laugh to Keep from Crying

“Shift your perspective on mom life with this book. Antonia takes women on a journey of embracing the ups and downs that come with being a mom. Let the author lead you to live a life where you are thriving, as a mom and succeeding in being your own self.”

—Patsy Chia
Authors of Burden No More

“Conquer the responsibilities of being a mom and structure your life to best suit your needs while doing so. You’ve Got This, Mom! is a road map to being the best mom you can be while being the best version of yourself at the same time! Congratulations, Antonia on a splendid job!”

—Anna Shilina
Author of The Business Tango