Anna Shilina


Anna Shilina is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur, who was born in the Ukraine and brought up in South Africa. She runs a security and cleaning company in Cape Town and has hands-on experience in the business world.

Anna graduated from the University of Cape Town with Honours in Property Studies. Not wanting to be confined to the corporate world just yet, she spent years working abroad, learning the value of 7-star service, meeting high expectations and communicating effectively in other people’s values. The lessons learned were carried forward into her business ventures once she started her entrepreneurial path.

She loves adding value to businesses, exceeding expectations and raising the standard of the industry. Her professional life has taken her through many avenues of working with and managing people. She is inspired by people who are true to themselves, follow their hearts and enjoy life.


Business has many different facets to it, and managing people is one of the most complex. Done well, it can also be the most rewarding.

Why is it so difficult to motivate people?

How do you make sure you get the most out of your most expensive and valuable asset – your people?

The Business Tango – Embracing Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship tackles these and many more questions managers struggle with daily in running of businesses. Managing even one employee can be tricky, never mind hundreds and even thousands.

In this book, Anna Shilina shares with you vital techniques for attracting, developing and retaining competent and committed people in order to drive your business towards your vision. The tools and insights in the book will show you how successful businesses combine developing people and optimising profit, and how you can do it, too!



Look after and optimise your biggest asset – your workforce.



  • How you can manage people so that they drive your business towards your vision.
  • Gain insight into the art of proficient people management.
  • How to inspire employees to work towards your vision.
  • The value of effective communication.
  • The art of delegation.
  • Business processes that are needed to allow people to thrive.
  • Recruitment processes that ensure you get the right people; and win half the battle.
  • What type of training and development do people need and want.
  • How to manage employee expectations.
  • How to get the maximum amount of respect by balancing nice and mean.
  • How to create a sustainable environment for ongoing success.
  • Best people management tips from successful business leaders.

“Anna is knowledgeable, practical and resourceful. She packages her know-how in an easy to understand and very applicable way in her book. Excellent read!” – Gerry Robert, author of The Millionaire Mindset

Anna Shilina’s book, The Business Tango delivers clear understanding for any employer who wants their employees to be more efficient and more effective. People are businesses biggest asset, read this book and learn how to optimise that asset. – Jean-Guy Francoeur, author of Messy Manager

“The Business Tango demystifies why some employees are superstars, while other drag their feet and always will. It shows you how to change this dynamic and increase productivity across the board. – Sindi Zilwa, author of The ACE Model