Anna Belov


Anna Belov is a successful investor with a cash positive real estate portfolio in Ontario, Canada.

Anna is the author of Just Over Broke? How to Invest in Assets and Eliminate Liabilities. If your hands are down and life seems to be too hard and too hectic, this book will help you get started on the path towards a richer, stronger and happier you.

When Anna and her husband both lost their jobs in 2012 and could barely make the ends meet, they were determined to take control of the situation and build a safety net for the future, so they would never have to worry about living paycheck-to-paycheck again.

Gradually, Anna optimized all financial transactions and day-to-day spending in her household and eliminated liabilities with huge interest payments, which added up to more than $20,000 a year. Within three years of completing Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad coaching program, Anna acquired 12 rental units while working full-time. She made some mistakes along the way, yet had fun fixing them and learning hands-on.

Anna believes in learning. She is certain that with enough knowledge and determination, everyone can reach their goals, one step at a time. Anna’s goal is to build a portfolio of 50 units. She is now a full-time investor.

Prior to investing, Anna specialized in automating Human Resources systems and worked with many businesses globally. She has a computer science degree from the University of Toronto, professional HR certification, and an MBA from Schulich School of Business. Anna has finally understood that knowledge without action doesn’t help. She encourages everyone to get and stay active.

Anna grew up in Moscow, Russia, and met her husband in middle school there. They’ve been married for almost 20 years and are very proud of their three sons. Anna loves sports, board games, and being at home.


Everyone who gets a paycheck knows that it wouldn’t hurt if they had a bigger paycheck.

Most of us live paycheck to paycheck and many fear to lose their job or run into an unexpected expense. But expenses are what they are. We have to wiggle our way through all the obstacles and make it to the next paycheck–mortgage, groceries, gas, insurance, daycare, kids activities, caring for our parents, etc.

Just Over Broke? How to Invest in Assets and Eliminate Liabilities provides a five-step process to help get spending under control. Having read the book, the majority will see the opportunities to save thousands for their families and will learn how to grab these opportunities.

The book also explains how to invest in assets, which will put money in your pocket. This is the part where you give yourself a bigger paycheck. Read the book to see how!


  • Quit being financially broke and regain balance in life.
  • Stop living paycheck to paycheck and worrying about losing your job.
  • Eliminate liabilities and save thousands of dollars.
  • Make time for what you love and care most about.
  • Invest and acquire assets that put money in your pocket.
  • Build positive cash flow and avoid bad deals.
  • Take action and become richer, stronger and happier.


How to quit being broke and start grabbing the opportunities around you—this book is a guide that will help you accomplish this. You will find out how to get rid of unneeded liabilities and invest in assets, and this will help you grow rich, smile often and help others around you.

  • No money? No time? No energy? Living paycheck to paycheck? Perfect! This book is for you.
  • Understand the minimum requirements for being rich.
  • Learn about three types of spending: Expenses, liabilities, and doodads.
  • Know exactly how to tell assets and liabilities apart.
  • Easy way to classify your liabilities as must-have, nice-to-have, or junk.
  • Learn the five-step process to eliminate liabilities that take money out of your pocket.
  • Investing 101: What’s investing and where do you start?
  • How to avoid bad deals.
  • Hands-on exercises for you to practice and get into action right away.

CAUTION: This book will save you thousands of dollars.


“Having used the same methods as Anna when building my own multi-million dollar real estate portfolio, I heartily endorse Just Over Broke -How to Invest in Assets and Eliminate Liabilities. There is no magic formula, the answer is so simple – live frugally until you reach your goal – yet so few people “get it”. Read this entertaining, excellent book and learn to create your own wealth following Anna’s strategy.”

—Lillie Cawthorn
Author of The Money Factory

“There finally is some hope in going broke! Just Over Broke is the saving grace for everyone who needs to get out of financial turmoil and stop living paycheck to paycheck. Must read if you’d like to get on top of all the expenses life throws at you and master how to acquire assets, which will give you additional sources of income.”

—Amy Donaldson
Author of Get off the Cash Flow Rollercoster

“In a world of abundance and instant gratification, it’s difficult to have complete spending control. Anna does a phenomenal job at bringing these issues to light and shows her readers how to regain balance in life and get to financial freedom. I also really loved the personal stories Anna wrapped into this book – many of them deeply resonated with me.”

—Lim Tianyi
Author of Appsolutely

“Life is a series of never-ending curveballs, and curveballs cost money! Let Anna show you the way to be prepared for whatever the universe may put you through. Thank you, Anna, for showing us the importance of always being prepared. This was a fun read and I definitely recommend it to everyone who’d like to be in control over their own destiny. Whatever is on your wish list – early retirement, a certain lifestyle, or simply ability to spend more time with those you love – this book gives you simple steps to follow to achieve these goals.”

—Dr. Iqbal K M
Author of Unlimited Income Now