Angela Di Paola


Angela Di Paola (MSW, PSW) is an author, self development  coach  and  consultant.  For  as  long as she can remember, Angela has been  interested in understanding what makes people tick  and how she can best be there for them. To that end,  she  has  earned  a  bachelor’s  degree  in  psychology  and a master’s degree in social work. For the past 11  years,  she  has  dedicated  her  career  to  helping people, both as a coach and as a professional social worker.

In her capacity as a social worker for the Montreal  General Hospital and the Montreal Center for Anxiety  and  Depression,  Angela  has  provided  support  and   crisis  counselling  to  hundreds  of  people  and  their  families. Angela works hard to assist her clients, who are undergoing complex and oftentimes devastating  obstacles. She continues to be amazed and humbled  by their strength and resiliency. Angela’s work, here  especially, and in her interactions with others, is the  reason  you  will  often  hear  her  say,  “People  are  so   much stronger than they realize!” Angela  has  founded  her  own  coaching  practice   where  she  helps  her  clients  achieve  the  goals  that   matter  to  them.  Compassionate  and  direct,  she   relentlessly  brings  out  her  clients’  strengths  and   capacities  as  well  as  provides  them  with  the  tools  to overcome the obstacles holding them back. She  is  very  excited  to  be  developing  two  new   programs that will launch in the new year:

Taking   Back   Your   Time   –   an   intensive   six-month   program  geared  towards  empowering  women  to  give  back to themselves and to do things on their own terms

Strategy Sessions – a simple three-session game plan  where goals and the means to attain them are mapped  out in concrete ways Angela is recently married to the love of her life.  She  and  her  husband  love  their  little  one  (the  cat)  very  much. The cat tolerates their existence and allows them  to share its space, so long as the food keeps coming.


Do you feel overworked, overextended, and overwhelmed? Do you feel guilty and ashamed, thinking you are not enough?

Do you give so much to everyone else and so little to yourself? Have you forgotten the dreams you have for yourself? Have you forgotten yourself?

Remember, you have a story. Your story is so beautiful and powerful that you must let if unfold. You are the hero of this story, not a supporting character. Your motivations, needs and desires matter. Your time matters. You matter.

With the simple and practical techniques Angela offers in her book, That’s Life…Or Is It? you will be able to reclaim your time and use that time to reconnect with the story you have always dreamt of for yourself. It’s your time now!


You can finally break away from feelings of guilt, crushing pressure, and everyone else’s expectations.

You will see how the power of taking back your time will develop a happier, fulfilled, and more confident you.

You can be the heroine you always wanted to be.



Break free from the mindset that weighs you down and keeps you feeling depleted. Reconnect with yourself, your dreams, and your desires. Embrace them and be the person you always wanted to be.

  • Let go of expectations that keep you dependent on outside forces for your happiness
  • Reconnect with what matters to you and turn that into achievable goals.
  • Change your self talk from victim to powerhouse.
  • Say No! to what doesn’t serve you.
  • Say Yes! to yourself.
  • Be comfortable asking for help.
  • Make time for fun.
  • Take ownership of your financial goals.
  • Take ownership of your fitness goals.
  • Learn simple ways to make yourself feel like the beautiful person you are.
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