Angel Luk


Angel Luk, BSc, RD is a Registered Dietitian with the College of Dietitians of BC and a member of the Dietitians of Canada and SportMedBC after graduating from the University of British Columbia with honors. Since joining the High Performance Integrated Support Team at the Richmond Olympic Oval in 2014, Angel has worked with athletes at the community, provincial, and national level through individual nutrition consultations, small group education sessions and team presentations. While Angel specializes in sport nutrition, she is passionate about supporting every individual to pursue their next level of health and fitness, no matter the starting place. Angel helps clients gain perspective and realize that even the most “impossible” goal scan be achieved with dedication, perseverance, and quite frankly, simply doing what you say you will do.


Athletes not only need to train hard, they need to eat well to optimize their performance. But between school, practices, training camps, and everyday life with friends and family, planning for meals becomes a low priority. Not only that, but when athletes,coaches, and parents do make an effort to plan their athletes’ diet, they can become bombarded within formation both online and offline. It’s hard enough to find time to make sure eating well happens, let alone spending hours separating fact from fiction.

Here’s where the story gets better: Angel Luk transforms the big world of sport nutrition into bite-size pieces for easy digestion (pardon the pun)! Whether you’re recreationally fit or a professional athlete, sometimes it’s nice to relax, lean back, and read just the essentials. Oh, and it helps that the information is written in plain language instead of complicated scientific jargon. Because frankly, the best teachers are the ones who are able to explain complex concepts in a simple way so people feel empowered to take action instead of feeling paralyzed by intimidation.

Learn How…

You can support your training with good eating habits so you can reach the next level in your performance and overall health.

In These Pages You Will Uncover…

Timeless principles of sports nutrition based on years of scientific research all explained to you in simple, easy-to-understand language so you can take action immediately.

Sport nutrition has never been made simpler and more accessible to the general public because of Angel’s concise but thorough approach in translating complex ideas into key action steps at the end of each chapter.

  • Strategically plan your meals and snacks so they match your unique training schedule.
  • Figure out what to eat, how much, and when.
  • Eat well even while travelling so your performance doesn’t get compromised in foreign cities.
  • Hydrate yourself properly so you never have to suffer from dehydration again.
  • Make your training environment a ‘food positive’one with a simple list of suggested team cooler items.
  • Stay energized on competition days with back-to-back events with only a few short breaks in between.
  • Prioritize carbohydrates, protein, fat, and fiber depending on how much time you have before training.
  • Avoid the most common mishaps of athletes when it comes to food.
  • Work around food allergies or intolerances and learn strategies for dealing with these in a team environment.
  •  Decide whether or not you need to take supplements.

“In addition to her knowledge, angel possesses great situational and emotional awareness and a unique ability to connect and build rapport with individuals in a one on one situation or when working with groups”
Andrew Clark
Fitness & High Performance Manager, Richmond Olympic Oval

“I have heard wonderful things about your session! Thank you so much for putting the extra effort in. The coaches were very excited.”
– Kate Kloos
Head Coach, Fraser Valley Rhythmic Gymnastics

” Very informative and useful for both the players and myself.  Took lots of notes. Very personable and approachable.”
Peter Elsaesser
Coach, Killarney Youth Soccer Association

” Thank you for your insight and support. I really appreciate it! A few of the participants actually came to me and told me they found the talk with the dietitian to be very informative and they learned a lot.“
– Janet Lee, Organizer
Canadian Cancer Society – Relay for Life

“Athlete nutrition cooking workshop] The opportunity to be hands on was great! This may be one of the first times some of these kids have been responsible for making food for themselves.”
Sonya Lonne, Head Coach
Thunderbird Rowing – John M.S. Lecky UBC Boathouse

“After hiring angel for our annual Fall conference, we received a lot of amazing feedback on her session both from coaches and athletes. A quote from one of our coaches: “The speaker about nutrition was amazing! She related nutrition specifically to our sport!” Thank you angel and I am looking forward working with you in the future.”
– Annie Smith, Executive Director, Synchro BC

”The girls absolutely loved the [hands on cooking] session and so did I! You are a fantastic instructor and I can’t wait to work with you again. Thanks!”
Rayel Bausenhaus
Head Coach, Volleyball Centre of Excellence

” It’s not easy keeping so many boys of various age interested in any topic… [Let] alone nutrition!   It looked like our boys (ages 11-12) were keenly interested so hopefully hearing it from a professional and not a mom or dad will help it sink in!”
– Tom Gradecak
Team Manager, Vancouver FC

“Thank you for passing along this valuable information. The goalies and parents spoke very highly of your seminar. Thanks so much!”
– Brendan Metz
Professional Goaltending Coach, Elite Goalies

“Angel believes in translating nutrition theory into actionable steps for her target audience and removing barriers that may inhibit them from pursuing or maintaining good health.”
Ashley Miller
  Training Supervisor, Richmond Olympic Oval