Amy & Jamie Honey


Amy and Jamie Honey come from varied backgrounds; Jamie’s an Australian, Amy’s an American. Together, they combine their diverse experience and skills of health, fitness and communication to help you get even more success out of your life! Amy is a health habits specialist and customer engagement expert, and Jamie is an expert in communication and mindset. They speak and travel all over the world empowering companies and organizations to get better results in all areas of life in a fun and impactful way.

Amy and Jamie were independent world travelers, discovering the nuisances of success from many cultures. With their powers combined, this collective knowledge exploded into many entrepreneurial understandings for having your habits work for you, and not against you. At age 11, doctors told Jamie he would have to have his leg amputated. Refusing to allow the doctors to do that, he learned how powerful his mind could be, and went on to become an international stunt actor. Amy, at the age of 16, found herself alone and independent. Through her own resources, she graduated high school and didn’t look back. At age 20, she became a single mom, putting her family’s welfare first, she overcame numerous obstacles in an unreceptive market place, and established herself as a successful and powerful entrepreneur.


In D.A.R.E. to Be a Better YOU!, get even more success in your health, wealth, and relationships! We do this by helping you discover your hidden habits that are drastically sabotaging your success. We reveal the secrets on how to design a life that you love to live. You immediately gain access to simple actionable steps that elevate your life.


You are subconsciously working really hard with poor information that sacrifices your potential. We teach you to identify the patterns that are holding you back. You can finally break the cycle of self-sabotage, feeling sluggish, and start getting the recognition you deserve. This is a powerful system for you to get even more of what you want out of your life.


How to have fun in getting more of what you want!

  • Discover your “sabotaging ninja” thoughts.
  • Reveal where you are making life harder than it needs to be.
  • Tap into your hidden buried treasures.
  • Get even more out of life.
  • Discover your core values and how to leverage them.
  • Learn ultimate balance with the five elements of health.
  • Become more productive with purpose.
  • The secret to powerfully designing your dreams.
  • Align your actions with your dreams.
  • Instantly benefit from simple actionable steps.
  • Stand out without standing alone.