Alexey Medvedev


Alexey Medvedev describes his passion as personal growth and helping people change their lives.

Alexey was born in the southern part of the former Soviet Union. He started to read at the age of six; since then, not a single day passed by without opening a book. Later, traveling in many countries, Alexey was learning local languages, customs and habits of people, their history, religions and culture.

Among other adventures, Alexey has spent a timeless period in a secluded oriental monastery. It was one of the most profound and life-changing experiences of his life, the turning point, when he realized the wholeness of everything. There he understood how the ancient wisdom of the Orient can be applied to contemporary issues of living in the Occident.

After settling in Canada, Alexey worked in various domains, such as IT industry, as a truck driver, naturopath practitioner, life coach and others. For several years, Alexey was a real estate consultant, organizing joint ventures, helping dozens of people invest millions of dollars, while being a columnist in a newspaper. Alexey started several businesses; some were successful, others taught him invaluable lessons.

Alexey has a college degree in industrial automation and robotics, university diploma in computer science, as well as certificates in psychology, personal development and natural healing. Today, he is a successful businessman, public speaker and a sought-after life coach


It is known that 95% of people live in debt, eventually dying with most of their dreams and desires unfulfilled. One of the reasons is that the needs of the system we live in do not coincide with our personal needs.

The education industry largely contributes to this statistics. Leave alone knowledge about building your relationship, parenting, being healthy and happy, our schools don’t even teach us how to find our true calling in life and to be successful. All they do is train us how to perform our functions in the society, being its obedient complying elements.

After the unreasonably long education process, we get thrown into the working system as its replacement parts, mislead by the flashy social priorities that has nothing to do with our personal interests. In order to comply with the system requirements, we follow the mainstream; as a result of the unfair financial practices, most of us get stuck in our social positions for life with no or insignificant improvements.

In his first book “Holistic Dimensions Of Wealth – It Is Not Just About Money”, Alexey Medvedev introduces the New-Age approach to this old-time problem, showing how to earn living while enjoying life. Today, when most people are struggling day in and day out, stressed, unfulfilled, often broke, this book brings a gasp of fresh air to our suffocating society.

The author analyzes the situation and shows the distribution of powers on the battlefield of money. From the spiritual point of view, Alexey explains the reasons of one’s financial situation, and demonstrates how it can be changed.

Learn how to…

Holistic Dimensions Of Wealth gives powerful insight into the mechanics of success. This book reveals secrets behind our motivation and achieving goals. It is based on extensive psychological research, combined with ancient esoteric wisdom and spiritual background.

In this book, you will find the most accurate system of money-making classification. You will recognize your current place in this system, and will learn why you got there. Then you will understand what holds you at your current income level and how to change it for the better.

Despite its compact format, this book encompasses many discoveries in the conventional psychology, as well as non-traditional view on our behavior and motivation. It also includes numerous instances of many professionals’ experience in the field of psychology and business.

Holistic approach is manifested throughout this book as an assertion that everything is related to everything else. From the holistic point of view, your financial situation, your health, your personal relationships, and just about everything else is interrelated. Knowing how it works, you can change your life as a whole by changing just a few key points.

Through his book, Alexey gives simple strategies of how to shift the balance of power in your favor. You will realize that you can dramatically change your financial situation, as well as other aspects of your life. Growing rich in accordance with the Universal Laws, you will also improve your health, relationships, your social status and other life aspects, of which you may not even think yet.

In these pages you will uncover…

This book shows why most of us struggle for money and why it is nearly impossible to get wealthy using the conventional approach. You will learn why many of those who are financially comfortable are still not happy. Besides, you will understand why people accept their situation while feeling stuck in life. And finally, you will be given the essential knowledge on how to change your financial state. After reading this book, all aspects of your life will start to improve.


  • Understand your position in the money-making matrix;
  • Realize why you have ended up there;
  • See the reasons why you don’t advance financially;
  • Learn about other ways of making money;
  • Reframe your deficiencies into advantages;
  • Revive forgotten ancient secrets of being balanced, fulfilled, and happy;
  • Improve your financial situation and other aspects of life.

“Brilliant work! Very daring, often controversial, this book won’t leave you indifferent. After reading it, your life will not be the same anymore.”

Dr. Andrea Maxim, author of Maximized Health

“Holistic Dimensions Of wealth really opens your eyes! It gives hope; whatever you think about your future – you realize that there are many more dimensions in life, after reading this amazing book!”

– Igor Klibanov, author of Stop Exercising The Way You Are Doing It Now