Alexandra Jones


Alexandra Jones empowers people to turn the pain and frustration of not achieving their weight loss goals into lasting success with their shape, health, and happiness.

She has gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience from her studies in Holistic Psychotherapy & Counselling and Whole-Mind Thinking. She is trained in Nutrition and Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP), as well as several healing disciplines including Reiki, Reconnective Healing, and SCENAR therapy.

Alexandra is a Wellbeing Coach, qualified Nutritional Therapist, and member of the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists. She has co-owned her own boutique personal training studio, utilizing cutting-edge systems to help people lose weight, get into shape, improve their health and increase their energy levels. She helps her clients achieve phenomenal results that are maintainable with her all-around approach. This includes exercise, correct nutrition and a targeted mindset.

Having been through the ups and downs of weight loss herself, she fully understands the frustrations and heartache involved. She absolutely walks her talk, having achieved lasting shape success and uses the same specialized approach and techniques with her clients. Alexandra is passionate about sharing this vital information with other women and was inspired to write this book to show you that you absolutely can achieve the shape of your dreams.


Why does losing weight and keeping it off seem to be unattainable for so many women? Has lasting success with weight loss and happiness eluded you, too? Slim, Sexy & Sensational empowers you to break the vicious Yo-Yo diet cycle of short-lived success followed by failure. Follow this new and easy approach that delivers the tools required so you too can uncover the authentic, slim you that’s waiting to be revealed! This holistic approach harnesses the power of the mind and body in order to create lasting success and to restore your body back to the way nature intended: healthy, vibrant, energetic, feeling happy and looking sensational!

Learn How…

Alexandra Jones cuts through the minefield of diet misinformation out there and shows you, in practical and easy to follow steps, what is scientifically proven to help you get slim and stay slim. Discover the one variable across every diet program out there that never gets truly addressed as she empowers you to do exactly as she has done—to break free from diet failure once and for all, and experience lasting success and happiness. Discover a powerful system you can use as you uncover the authentic slimmer you. Feel happy and healthy in your own skin and enjoy the shape and confidence you’ve always dreamed about…


  • Why low-calorie diets can make you lose the one component vital for lasting weight loss.
  • How aerobic exercise can actually make you fatter.
  • How the solution to true sustainable fat loss is based on science and not hype.
  • How you may be producing a hormone causing you to store fat.
  • How certain foods help speed up the metabolism.
  • How certain exercise helps release hormones that cause you to burn fat.
  • How your mind holds the key to your shapely success.
  • Life changing tools to stop the Yo-Yo diet cycle in its tracks.
  • How the real, slim, sexy YOU can emerge, once and for all!

Slim, Sexy & Sensational is not just another diet book in a sea of thousands! it is about understanding the one vital element that most diet programs don’t even talk it if you want to step off the YoYo diet treadmill for good and step into your ideal shape, health and confidence and finally love how you look and feel for good!”
Cynthia Brace, author of Redesign Your Interior

“This book contains everything you need to know about achieving lasting weight loss. it is brimming with easy,straightforward strategies anyone can use to overcome the disappointment and upset of YoYo dieting once and for all.”
Elma Alorro Dionela, author of How To Turn Scars Into Stars

“Anyone who’s ever wanted to be able to lose weight and keep it off can benefit from the practical and insightful knowledge in this book and achieve exactly that.”
Jennifer & Anita Lang, authors of The Mental Calorie In Life

“If i could read only one book on weight loss, Slim, Sexy & Sensational is the one i would choose!”
Jarod A. Anderson and T.L. Anderson, authors of Five Star Mentality

“Alexandra Jones has nailed it! it’s a must-read for anyone who wants to lose weight and stay that way!”
Sharon Fillmore, author of The Exploding Health Wealth And Nutrition Business

“Tt’s a powerful, practical and solid advice on weight loss with confidence. Apply Alexandra’s knowledge and you’ll certainly achieve your weight loss goals and feel so glad you did!”
Kathleen Boucher, author of Get Naked: Be Massaged

Slim, Sexy & Sensational cuts straight to the facts about weight loss and exposes the truth about why low-calorie diets and aerobic exercise can actually make you fatter!you need to know this.”
Igor Klibanov, author of Stop Exercising! The Way You Are Doing It Now

“This book is a must-read for every serial dieter out there.Here is a powerhouse book of practical tips, strategiesand approaches for lasting weight loss that simply’s a fantastic book!”
Dr. Andrea Maxim, ND, author of MAXIMized Health