Alexander Woo


Alexander Woo is a psychologist and a qualified training professional who made his way into very prestigious corporate positions, only to quit it all. Having graduated with first class honors in psychology and communications and a master’s degree along with other professional qualifications, he was a promising candidate to move up the corporate ladder, but he wanted out of the rat race after discovering the smart way to play the money game.

He started saving and investing from the beginning. In fact, his investment profits were much more than all the salary he had ever been paid. This allowed him the luxury and the option to leave his prestigious job.

Combining long-term strategies and shor- term goals, he devised some very workable systems to win the money game. It all revolves around working smart—getting more results with less time and less effort. Along the way, he shared with and inspired others to work smart. Using his knowledge about the human mind, he broke free from his own mental boundaries and helped others do the same. After speaking in numerous occasions on this topic, he decided that the best way to reach out to more people using less time (doing it the smart way) was to publish this book.

He is ever willing to share, and he speaks from his heart because he truly believes in what he is doing, and he is walking the talk. He thinks out of the box and matches opportunity with strengths to get results for himself and for others.


Do you work hard but do not get the rewards and recognition you deserve? Do you know people who work hard but do not succeed in their career? Is it worth to spend most of your life working so hard and not getting the results you want?

It is time to stop working so hard and instead start working smart to speed up your success in your finances and in your life!

Learn How To…

You can now accelerate your finances and your happiness in life by working smart. You can maximize your results by identifying your natural strengths and using these to your advantage. Understand the money system and the rules of the game; customize a strategy according to your strengths and win the money game.

Uncover in These Pages…

How to speed up your financial success by understanding the money game and playing towards your natural strengths.

Work smart and speed up your success by understanding yourself and doing it the way you do best.

  • Be aware of the dangers of working too hard.
  • Understand the money game.
  • Your job is killing you more than it serves you.
  • Turn on your financial turbo.
  • How to dream big and achieve it.
  • Instant steps you can start with.
  • Speed up your success.
  • Bring out your talent and potential.
  • Own your talents and power.
  • Own your life and live it to the fullest.
  • Know that your success is in your hand.

“Work Hard, Die Poor? Or Work Smart, Retire Young And Rich” is not about getting rich overnight. It is about being smart and building a solid platform to financial success and sustaining it with minimal effort by mastering strategies of working smart. Read it if you want to instantly discover your ability to get rich and stay rich the smart way.

—Mike Nan Li

Author of Cashing In on the Cloud

“Work Hard, Die Poor? Or Work Smart, Retire Young And Rich” is no joke. It is so true and working smart will definitely get you the results you want in the shortest time possible. Best of all, it provides realistic strategies that can be applied instantly. A must read for anyone who wants financial success

—Gurunath Hari

Author of 6 Dimensions

This book is brilliant! “Work Hard, Die Poor? Or Work Smart, Retire Young And Rich” is such an inspiration to change the way you do things, and get the results you want. It’s not too late to start right now.

—Tianyi Lim