Alexander Robert Figueroa


Alexander is a retired Command Sergeant Major, a decorated Army combat veteran; he has been the principle advisor to many executive leaders on leadership and the management of soldiers and their families. He retired from active duty in 2010 and is currently an Army Instructor for the School District of Manatee County who teaches Leadership Education Training to 286 high school cadets, motivating them to be good stewards of the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) program and good citizens within the community.

Alexander is a top-notch executive level leader with over 30 years of experience in leadership and managing diverse organizations at the tactical through strategic level. He possesses an extensive awards portfolio reflecting stellar job performance, team building efforts, high-quality standards, and profound impact in achieving organizational goals and objectives. A proven communicator with dynamic interpersonal skills, Alexander can easily relate to and inspire audiences from diverse educational, cultural and professional backgrounds.

Alexander is capable of delivering innovative leadership solutions to businesses to help better see themselves, assists them to transform and succeed in challenging and dynamic environments. On a daily basis, Alexander is a transformational leader who pursues his principle passion of bringing the good out of people and their organization through mentorship by establishing a well-disciplined mindset in support of their day to day mission. Alexander has strong beliefs in his faith, his family and his leadership skills. He has been married to his wonderful wife for the past 13 years and has three children, two of which are providing us with the protection under the umbrella of freedom.


Effective leadership is a challenging process that can be mastered by exercising the cornerstone of professional development on daily bases and that is self-assessments. ASSESS THIS! The Power of Introspection for Leaders will help you through that critical skill. When conducted honestly and appropriately, it’s a gateway to your professional growth as a leader. What is self-assessment? A skill set that you routinely use to help you evaluate your day to day duties and decision-making process. Learning opportunities are drawn from your daily experiences and lessons learned are reviewed, or recommendations for fixes are identified. This process highlights your strengths, weaknesses and the interactions you have within your team with a thorough evaluation. Thus resulting in a higher level of self-awareness and a realistic view of how you truly are as a leader. It can be painful; however, these strategies will assist you to succeed in every aspect of your professional development and your life.


  • You can really break the cycle of not being able to assess yourself
  • Your character traits play an important role as to how others see you
  • Stewardship of your mission/vision/philosophy is critical to success
  • Effective communication skills both verbal and nonverbal increases productivity
  • Be the standard bearer, set the right example
  • Transforming and mentoring key leaders helps them grow professionally
  • Empowering those you lead, provides a sense of trust and allows for critical thinking
  • Identify the influences and stresses in the work environment that affects others
  • Your presence inspires others in the organization to succeed
  • Creating your legacy leads to your fulfillment and success


  • How you can finally realize the power of introspection and take control of your organization and your life. You will see the importance of self-assessments and how it will transform you, the people you lead and the organization. You’ll gain powerful strategies for reversing that early programming of not wanting to look within yourself, to facing your shortcomings head on with a clear vision and a new approach
  • How to overcome the fear of introspection, conquering this critical skill will help you with your professional growth, highlight your capabilities, limitations and show how well you lead others in the organization
  • Self-discovery as a leader
  • Character traits you possess
  • Stewardship of your mission-vision-philosophy
  • Effective communication skills, verbal and non-verbal
  • Standard bearer – setting the example
  • Transforming and mentoring key leaders
  • Empowering those you lead
  • Fostering a good work environment
  • The importance of leader presence
  • Creating your legacy for the next generation

“ASSES THIS! The Power of Introspection for Leaders is not about just looking within you, it’s about mastering critical habits that most successful leaders and individuals have mastered. Those new habits change your attitude, thoughts and actions by reprogramming your mind and belief systems. Read it if you want to finally alter the course of your professional growth and live a successful life.” – Berns David Lucanas, author of Time Is Up!

“As a how-to guide, this book contains everything you may need to know. Brimming with straightforward strategies anyone can use to overcome the key fears associated with introspection and self-assessment.” – Tan Choon Kiang, author of Life Makeover

“An inspiring book that has proven to be very useful in all areas of my life, it has helped me make important decisions about my priorities and how to not let stress affect me. I now feel more connected to all aspect of my world; this brilliant book is for people in all walks of life.”
Farridha Ashraf
, author of Mind Feng Shui