Albert Ho


Albert Ho started his career as a medical secretary. He then went on to become a Registered Nurse and then started managing hospital-wide projects as a Project Manager. He built his first medical device business and sold over half a million dollar worth of products and services within 1 year.Albert has condensed his 2 decades of experience into his first book Checkmate: How to Win the Sales Game in Healthcare. He is a highly sought after professional speaker and has delivered over 30 speeches to audiences of up to 1,500 people. He is best known for his consulting business Healthcare Heroes which works exclusively with healthcare marketing and sales professionalsAlbert completed his Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Ryerson University. He completed his Master of Business Administration from Vancouver Island University. He then completed his Master of Science in International Management from the University of Hertfordshire. He has previously met the requirements for the Project Management Professional (PMP) designation. He remains a member of the Canadian College of Healthcare Leaders, Toastmasters, and the North American Association of Asian Professionals.


As a healthcare sales professional, I understand the problems you face on a daily basis, as Albert was in medical device sales himself. I understand that you may not have enough information on how to become a high-performing salesperson. The healthcare system is complicated and always changing. You may have little or no sales experience. You don’t know where to learn about sales techniques and tools. Sales seminars are expensive and don’t provide enough hands-on training. With Checkmate: How to Win the Sales Game in Healthcare, you will have an overview of the key players and systems. You will learn how to segment, target, and position your product to sell to all the major customer segments. You will gain access to an exclusive network of healthcare sales professionals and leaders. You will learn tips and tricks from experienced sales professionals to help you accelerate your career.


In the pages of Checkmate: How to Win the Game of Sales in Healthcare, you will learn how to break through the psychological chains that are holding you back. Learn how to gain instant rapport with your customers. You will learn the secrets of high-earning healthcare sales professionals. Learn how to exceed your sales quotes and build the career you’ve always dreamed of.


Checkmate: How to Win the Sales Games in Healthcare is all about how to be a great sales professional. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the field or you have been doing it for 20 years, you may have found that there are very few resources and virtually no training available. By reading this book, you will quickly learn the tricks of the trade and exceed your sales targets in no time. You will become a top professional salesperson if you apply the principles you will find in these pages.

  • How to sell to hospitals and clinics.
  • How to sell to doctors, specialists, and nurses.
  • How to sell direct to the consumer and the public.
  • How to sell to governments and health systems.
  • How to sell to multinationals and businesses.
  • How to sell to insurance and health management organizations.
  • How to sell to retirement homes and long-term care.
  • How to sell to pharmaceutical and biotech companies
  • How to sell to startups and early-stage companies.
  • How to sell to angel investors, venture capitals, and investors.