Ahmad Rahman Songip


Ahmad Rahman Songip is a professor of innovation management, an intrapreneur, and a consultant in Break the Pattern at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Kuala Lumpur.

As Academic Director at Business Advanced Technology Center (2002-2005), he successfully re-engineered the ailing center to register phenomenal growth of 2,400 percent in revenue and 3,900 percent in net profit.

He initiated a paradigm shift in the management of Research and Development during his deputy deanship at the UTM Research Management Center (1995-1997), which led to a jump of 394 percent in research grants from the government.

Ahmad’s corporate experiences include general manager positions in the Chemical Division off Actacorp Holdings Berhad (1997-1999) and Global Technology and Innovation Management Sdn Bhd (1999-2002), as well as a joint-venture R&D company between UTM and The University of Queensland, Australia.

He has taught and conducted training and consulting in personal finance management, entrepreneurial development, creative problem solving, and innovation management. He is passionate about helping organizations sharpen and capitalize upon the latent potential of their greatest asset: the creativity of their human capital. His flagship program, Value Creation Acceleration through Creativity and Innovation Experience (VACCINE) helps organizations harvest the minds of their personnel to create quantum-leap value and ensure long-term survival and sustainability.

He has conducted workshops in multinational and publically listed companies including Petronas, Shell, Oracle, Telekom Malaysia, and Kulim Bhd, as well as other numerous public and private organizations. So far, more than 5,000 participants from more than 500 organizations have benefited from his facilitations.

He graduated with his BSc (High Honors) and MChE in chemical engineering from Illinois Tech, Chicago and earned his DrEng from Kyoto University. He has supervised more than fifty master’s and doctorate candidates and is the author of more than seventy publications and the holder of four intellectual property rights.


Ideas are the currency of the current era of the mind, but many struggle to generate creative ones. Not only that, but organizations also struggle in transforming ideas into high value-added products and services. Break the Pattern provides logical, practical steps in transformational value creation from getting inspiration to execution of ideas.

Finally break the cycle of constant frustration with what feels like a stagnant life. Stop working hard and getting nowhere! Discover true power when you Break the Pattern and unleash a powerful system to start a new charter of life, creating unprecedented transformational value for your future.


Everyone can have great ideas, and every organization can benefit from transformational value creation.

  • Discover the transformational value creation blueprint from a humble egg.
  • Transformation of an egg starts when its shell is broken.
  • The egg increases in value only after it is transformed to a new, value-added entity.
  • The nature and value of the new entity depends on the intention and vision of the cook.
  • Uncover the framework for transformational value creation to break any pattern in your life. Put the five elements—context, input, execution, output, and feedback—to work for you.
  • Develop the context that provides fertile ground for you to connect unrelated bytes of information that will lead to those Eureka! moments. Utilize four proven methods: visioning, goal setting, turning threats into opportunities, and spending USD 10,000 per hour.
  • Acquire the skills you need to collect detailed information on input, output, and feedback. Fully define problems by harvesting pain points and insights from your internal and external stakeholders. Otherwise, your effort to handle yet-unresolved problems will only be based on a very shallow foundation.
  • Gain knowledge to develop a strong foundation to reduce execution risk in your organization by focusing on the subconscious minds of your employees.
  • Recognize that any missing element of the framework guarantees zero value creation in your effort to break your pattern.