Ahmad Duranai


Ahmad-Shah Duranai is a leadership coach, author, public speaker, architect, and project manager. He is a member of the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) and the Toronto Branch of the International Coach Federation (ICF). He is the holder of an MBA degree, a bachelor of architecture degree, certificates in Breakthrough Coaching and Passion Test Facilitation.

Ahmad was born in rural Afghanistan 120 kilometers south of Kabul, where people lived in poverty and education was scarce. He was among the lucky few to receive an education. He attended Kabul University before gaining a full scholarship to the American University of Beirut in Lebanon, where he earned his degrees.

The continuous wars in Lebanon and Afghanistan prompted Ahmad to immigrate to Canada in 1985.

It was Ahmad’s work in architecture that gained him valuable experience and exposed him to a diversity of cultures when he was leading and coordinating projects with several international firms. Ahmad sought further knowledge and skills in leadership and personal development from leaders in the human potential movement to develop his unique perspective on leadership, peak performance, team synergies, and group dynamics.

His interest in community activism and the work of nonprofit organizations resulted in Ahmad holding several leadership and advisory positions with various organizations, as well as appearances in radio and television talk shows. He is also the winner of the 2013 Lieutenant Governor of Ontario Award and Medal in Humanities/Social Justice.

He is the author of An Outside-the-Box Look at Afghanistan: New Ideas for Lasting Peace and Stability. The paper was published in 2009 as a peace proposal to all stakeholders in the Afghan conflict, and which has since served as a reference to other researchers on issues related to Afghanistan.

As founder and head coach of Duranet Enterprises Inc., Ahmad designs and facilitates seminars and workshops in leadership and personal development. He has designed the Leadership DARE™ Program for corporations and Success 101™ for groups of individuals


We are all born to be leaders, but as a result of conditioning by our environment, experiences, and education, we surround ourselves with barriers that prevent us from reaching our full potential, and from being the leaders we are destined to be. As such a lot of us languish in mediocrity, resent those who have made it, justify our situation by finding lame excuses, and blame others for our lot. We spend endless hours dreaming of what “could’ve,” “would’ve,” “should’ve” and surrender to the default circumstances of “what ifs” and “why mes!”

The Leadership Zone shows us how these invisible barriers and the mindset of scarcity are created and how to break through them once and for all. It provides us with the tools to overcome these self-created obstacles and take full control of our destiny. It guides us in our journey to our zone of leadership—a zone in which we perform at our level of excellence and lead a life by design. It shows us the roadmap to a happy, healthy and wealthy life!

Learn How…
Invisible barriers are preventing you from reaching your full potential even if you think otherwise. By becoming consciously aware of these barriers, however, you can break through the cycle of mediocrity and victimhood. You can get rid of the paradigms of scarcity and live in a state of abundance. You can expand your circle of influence and make a difference in your own life and in the lives of those around you. Take control of your life and unleash the leader within you! Learn how in becoming a better and greater you, you become the leader you are destined to be!

In These Pages You Will Uncover…
Insights from great leaders such as Stephen M. R. Covey, Janet Bray Attwood, David Buck, Jim Kouzes, Peter Aceto and many others, and you will learn how to:

  • Use Your Reality Loop and design your environments to inspire and support you.
  • Communicate effectively by understanding the laws of communication and the Human Needs.
  • Inspire trust and extend trust to others.
  • Differentiate between leadership and management skills.
  • Discover your passions and live a passionate life.
  • Learn and use the formula of Your BEING × Your DOING = Your OUTCOME.
  • Complete your past and deliberately design your future.
  • Be responsible for a happy, healthy, and wealthy you.
  • Manage stress and priorities.
  • Set and achieve SMART goals.
  • Become the person who leads from the zone—the leadership zone, where you thrive rather than strive.

The Leadership Zone will be the next ‘go to’ handbook for leaders and those who aspire to be leaders.”
Jean-Guy Francoeur
Author of Messy Manager

The Leadership Zone gives you the tools for a holistic approach to leadership, whether you are leading a multinational corporation or leading a private life of fulfillment.”
Alexander Woo
Author of Work Hard, Die Poor? Or Work Smart, Retire Young And Rich?

“If you want to lead from your zone of excellence, this book is a must have! The Leadership Zone is not just about leadership, it is a guide to a balanced corporate and home life.”
Berns David Lucanas
Author of Time Is Up!