Adv. Mary Bosiu


Adv. Mary Bosiu is a lawyer by profession (BA Law Plus LLB). She has worked as a corporate Lawyer for more than 15 years. She loves to excel in whatever she does. This attribute enabled her to be part of the Executives Committees (EXCOs) of two corporate giants that she worked for, namely Lesotho National Development Corporation (LNDC) and Lesotho Electricity Corporation (LEC).

It dawned on her, as she climbed the corporate ladders, that her training as a lawyer had not equipped her with skills to be an effective leader. She then started a personal development journey aimed at polishing up her leadership and interpersonal skills. That journey entailed attending training initiatives and reading books focused on leadership and personal development.

She learned a lot and implemented what she learned. She even went a step further by volunteering to share the wisdom acquired in conferences and training workshops. She received humbling reviews. As the saying goes: “Success breeds success”. She decided to establish a consultancy company that would, amongst other activities, facilitate motivational workshops.


There are many souls out there who are politely smiling and yet they are hurting on the inside. They are suffering from a variety of insecurities – inferiority complex, low self-worth and a cocktail of fears and worrisome issues. As a result of all these, dreams are being buried, the unlimited potential squashed and hopes are being dashed off. If you can relate to any of the insecurities reflected here, then you need not look any further – this book is for you! You have what it takes to grow and be better. What gives Adv. Mary Bosiu the authority to say all these? She has walked through that painful journey, but she has made a U-turn. If she can, so can you!


  • Become your very own best friend, not your worst enemy;
  • Be a prophet of a wonderful and success-filled life that you deserve;
  • Shut your mind to the mental noise generated by chronic worry and destructive fear;
  • Give time the time to heal you in respect of the pain over which you have no control;
  • Avoid tying your self-worth to what other people think or say about you;
  • Recognise that the negative energy directed to you by others is none of your business;
  • Be mindful of the fact that your business is to become the best that you are meant to be;
  • Psyche yourself into a powerful presentation;
  • Go through the workplace fires without being scorched.


  • Life Transforming Principles: Principles that effectively took Adv. Mary Bosiu out of a vicious cycle of pathetic inferiority complex, a place that was marked by stinking thinking, chronic worrying and destructive fear.
  • The Effect of Your Self-Image: We talk to ourselves more than we talk to other people through our inner voice. Self-talk births self-image and your self-image is your own self-fulfilling prophecy. You can surprise people and perform far beyond the image they have about you. But guess what? You cannot surprise yourself by exceeding the level of your self-image.
  • The Value of Developing Success Consciousness: Do yourself a favour, develop success consciousness. If the pen you are using has black ink, you will write in black ink. If it is blue, what you write will be blue. Using this powerful analogy, Adv. Bosiu advises that you should ensure that the ink that is in your mind is the correct one for the kind of life that you want.
  • The Importance of Rejecting Rejection: You do not have to get approval from anybody for you to pursue your dreams; neither do you have to prove yourself to anyone. As you ponder this, remember that everybody has a tongue and a mouth that houses it and they are free to use them both to say whatever. But, remember as well that everybody, you included, has a right to choose what to listen to and what to ignore.
  • Tips on Psyching Yourself Up for a Powerful Presentation: People that do not have a well-prepared and well-thought-out presentations fumble and stumble all the way. They bore people! Some make speeches that are embarrassingly short and meaningless and in the process erode or dilute whatever respect that people had for them. Others go on and on and on, more like a car that has no brakes!
  • The Value of Being Professional Even in a Hostile Working Environment: Never lose sight of the reason why you are at that particular workplace. You are there to either learn something of value or to get the job done or both. Period! Your ability and willingness to do the job well and professionally is what puts you there and of course what you are being paid for.