Adeline Heng


Adeline Heng is an author, trainer, coach, and consultant. She believes that everyone is capable of accomplishing more than what they are currently achieving. She has trained close to 200 young people to believe in themselves and taught them how to device plans to reach their life’s goals.

With this book, she hopes to reach out to even more people and help them discover the key to unlocking their potential. This group of people includes those who have attained success in their careers and still yearn for fulfillment and those who bury themselves in the commitment to their family and children, putting aside their own needs and desires.

Adeline wishes to help people realize that there is abundance all around us. By sharing this abundance, one would improve not only one’s own lot but also that of others. In essence, it is by doing good that one will do well.

She also hopes to inspire her readers to start taking care of their mental and physical health. For without this, how can anyone take care of their loved ones? Too many people tend to ignore the calls for attention that their bodies are making until something drastic happens. Just by making some simple changes, one can significantly improve their own health and state of mind.


You have spent a good number of years working and have achieved much success. So why do you feel like something is still missing in your life? You used to have a dream. What happened to that dream? Many do not know what will become of their life in 5 years. Most do not realize that taking a few simple actions can help to deal with that uncertainty effectively.

After reading this book, you will see that you can lead a more meaningful and purpose-filled life, all you have to do is believe. Our lives are beyond the work we do now; we are meant to achieve much more.

You can finally break the cycle of a monotonous life filled with excuses and blames. You will see how you can have the lifestyle you want by doing good and helping others. This is a powerful system for putting significance and more meaning back into your life.


  • How to set your life on fire and keep mundane out of it.
  • How to identify what is really important to you.
  • How to develop a plan to create the life you seek.
  • Why being uncomfortable may be the way out.
  • What is holding you back from your dream.
  • Why you aren’t happy despite achieving so much.
  • When you think and feel like a million bucks, you will be a million bucks.
  • How to commit to investing in your own development.
  • What is the state of your health, both physical and mental.
  • How to make everything that you do count for something.
  • How to keep your engine running once it has started.

“Doing Good and Doing Well is not just about dreams and dreaming. It is about taking action if you want your life to count for something. When you take charge of your life you will start to see how you are contributing not only to your own but lives of others around you. You would want to read it to awaken your inner genie.
Helga DeSouza

Author of Calmness

“Doing Good and Doing Well seeks to help readers realize that they are capable of achieving more than they can imagine. All they need to do is to be a master of their dreams and align all their actions towards achieving that dream. Read it if you want to have a significant impact on someone else’s life.
Adam Fitzpatrick
Author of Is This It?

“Doing Good and Doing Well cut straight to the chase on what you need to do to make the most of the opportunities that come your way.
Patsy Chia
Author of Burden No More