Adam Fitzpatrick


Adam Fitzpatrick is a psychologist/psychotherapist with an international reputation who has empowered high achievers to build more rewarding and successful lives since the 1990s. Adam works with people from all walks of life, from Australia’s and the UK’s top corporate leaders to some of Sydney’s homeless and everyone in between, to ensure everybody will develop the skills and vitality to become their best self—whatever form that might take.

Adam has drawn his wealth of experience in blending traditional, philosophical, and spiritual approaches to psychology in coaching, mentoring, and therapeutic settings. His unique and heartfelt style is also utilized in group relaxation, stress management, and meditation classes, which have become his passions. Adam has partnered with a renowned Sydney psychologist and clinician to build an iPhone application “A Better U,” available through iTunes—a tailor-made day-to-day program of insights and advice to help people get more out of life on a far-reaching level. Join his daily musings on Twitter: @abetteru1. Adam’s approach is fresh and current, communicated in a no-psycho-babble style for everyone to connect with.


Do you wonder why you have ticked so many boxes in your life yet still feel something is missing? You may have a good job, great things, and even a loving partner and family, but they just seem aren’t enough! Why are people content with life despite their problems and disappointments? They have acquired inner wealth—a form of happiness that gives them more life out of life—to develop an inner confidence and contentment that make your life and achievements more meaningful. You will feel more in control and make conscious choices for yourself, leading to a more passionate and heartfelt life experience, improved relationships and greater success—inside and out! Learn how to re-ignite your passion and get more out of your life and work.

  • What is really important to you in life.
  • How to enjoy your achievements more.
  • How to improve relationships with yourself and others.
  • What really drives your motivation
  • Strategies for managing emotions and setbacks.
  • Ways to improve your health—physically and psychologically.
  • Techniques to become more effective at what you do.
  • Ancient secrets for becoming more relaxed.
  • How to cultivate a more positive mindset.
  • Ways to set boundaries and assert what you want out of life.

“As a marketing professional working endless hours, successful yet not content with the life I had, Adam’s book really spoke to me. I have now begun to find a new balance, giving me greater enjoyment without having to compromise my drive for achievement.”

Gerry Robert

CEO and bestselling author of The Millionaire Mindset

“An inspiring book that has proven to be very useful in all areas of my life. It has helped me make important decisions about my priorities and how to not let stress affect me. I now feel more connected to all aspect of my world. A brilliant book for people in all walks of life”

Jean-Guy Francoeur

Author of The Messy Manager

“This is a great book for anyone not quite living the life they want. Adam’s engaging warmth is easily felt as he lets us into his personal and professional experience to help us challenge what we really want out of life and learn some strategies to develop the courage to get it.”

Valerie Lotham

Author of Be the Confident You