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Black Card Books is a revolutionary publishing firm unlike any other in the industry. We combine decades of experience in the publishing business with the latest strategies to offer our customers unrivaled publishing services.

In the last 30 years, Black Card Books has published over 1,000 authors who have been featured in publications from Wall Street Journal to Time Magazine. We provide full publishing services and seminars that teach new and experienced authors how to get their book out, written, and published.


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“Working with Gerry is an amazing learning experience. He’s an energetic powerhouse with one of the fastest business brains I’ve ever seen. He can look at an idea and see the path to a seven-figure business in a matter of minutes.”

“The mentorship provided by Gerry Robert and Black Card is phenomenal. I’m confident and grateful knowing I’m working with people who treat my book as their own. They’re passionate, knowledgeable, and committed to bringing my vision to fruition.”

“Gerry knows those tiny little things that make the difference between failure and success. He’s eager to kindly share them with anyone who asks. The video testimonial he gave me instantly increased my conversion and my sales. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“My experience so far has been awesome. Gerry and the whole Black Card Books team have years of experience and knowledge in helping people write, publish, and market their books.”

“Gerry and the Black Card Books team run like a well-oiled machine. They go out of their way to help no matter what. They lead you through whatever happens, politely but firmly encouraging you ‘till you succeed. They’re the best in the business; they serve you with honesty and integrity. What more can you ask for? I love working with them.”

“When you attend something like this, you are often hesitant, not sure of what will happen. Well, what happened was nothing short of miraculous. I’ll never be the same since attending this workshop. I implore you to get to it as soon as possible. Greatest experience in my life. Gerry is my mentor and role model.”

“Gerry’s team at Black Card Books is a tremendous resource. They know how to pull all the pieces together to get the book done!”

“Gerry Robert is the real deal. He’s honest and authentic. In a world of plastic promises, he’s genuine and forthright. His commitment, compassion, and kindness are an inspiration. His positive mindset is a shining example to everyone he meets. He is THE global expert who will get you to your goals faster through his publishing and marketing excellence.”

“The Black Card Books team is very supportive and with you every step of the way. The system is very professional but still easy to use.”

“My one-on-one Skype meeting with Gerry transformed my simple idea of parents sharing their healing strategies with professionals and took it to a new level. He suggested options I hadn’t considered. The whole Black Card team is there to help me succeed. I couldn’t do this without them.”

“Gerry Robert and the Black Card Books team is a fine-tuned machine! They’ve been there for me every step of the way. Gerry’s personal input and insights have helped me monetize aspects of my business I’d never thought of before.”

“I’ve known Gerry Robert since 1995 when he was teaching Money Mastery. Gerry is a kind-hearted, witty man who wants to help everyone. His team of wonderful people really know what they’re doing. They will help and support anyone to bring out the great book within them. Well done.”

“Gerry and the team at Black Card Books are a source of tremendous inspiration. Getting my book published is a dream come true.”

“Gerry and Black Card Books have a great support team that helps keep you on schedule. They’re always encouraging me on my journey to finish the book.”

“Like walking a path with a trusted friend. A friend with a blueprint for mastery of the craft and the realization of dreams. Gerry Robert is the legendary dream-catcher of the publishing world. I am truly proud to be associated with him. What a visionary!”

“Two years ago, I made one of the greatest decisions in my life: I allowed myself to be mentored by the world changer himself, Gerry Robert. I’ve had to stretch myself and push way past my norms. I’ve had to become more resourceful and creative to bring my project to its full potential. It’s been an awesome journey.”

“Gerry is the best in the industry. If you’re an aspiring author, your only option is to take action and use Gerry and his bootcamps. He and the Black Card Books Team created a superstar system. They impeccably delivered all the tools I could have ever dreamed of to make my book happen. If you do your part, everything will fall into place.”

“Gerry is phenomenal because of his rich experience in the publishing and speaking industries. Everyone in the Black Card Books team is supportive and encouraging. I’m happy to be part of the family!”

“The Black Card Books team has been most helpful, wonderful, and patient. Even when I was too busy to return their messages in a timely manner, they kept encouraging me to press on, and it worked. A really positive team.”

“Excellent. Gerry provides detailed information and step-by-step strategies on how to be successful as an author and expert. I’ve paid hundreds of thousands to attend seminars and bootcamps. I can say that I was shocked at the value this one brought to me and my business. Everyone at the course absolutely loved it, and so did I.”

“Meeting Gerry changed my life. Without him, I would never have found the courage to write my book, much less had access to a system to publish it. Gerry believed my story could change lives. His belief took me to unprecedented heights in my personal development and my professional capacity.”

“If you want to be the best, attend the best, learn from the best, and let me assure you when it comes to marketing, publishing and wealth, this course is the best. Gerry made it possible for me to become a published author, and gave me a brand-new approach in both my personal and business branding.”

“Great! Despite his busy schedule, Gerry makes sure that all the authors will be able to complete and publish their books. Two days in the PABGR bootcamp has changed and benefited our entire lives. It is the most valuable knowledge we have ever gained!”

“Gerry Robert’s word is impeccable. When he says he helps ordinary people do extraordinary things he means it and follows through. His team is first class. Gerry Robert is the real deal. He helps people everywhere accomplish what they never thought they could. The books he publishes are amazing!”

“It’s been a most positive experience. Eighteen months ago, becoming an author was just a dream. Gerry and the Black Card team have been the encouraging force behind my success. They’ve helped me reach amazing heights in a very short time.”

“Gerry Robert is a wonderful publisher who won’t hesitate to push you to your limit. I’ve learned a lot working with Gerry. His program opened my eyes to a whole new beginning for me. It’s true that being an author gives you credibility. Gerry and his team are just awesome.”

“Gerry Robert is an incredible wealth of information and knowledge combined with a wonderful personality. He’s clearly committed to helping others achieve their dreams and obviously loves what he does. Meeting and working with Gerry has been an incredible experience.”

“After one meeting with Gerry, we transformed our business’ mission and purpose. His guidance solidified our thinking and allowed us to leverage our skills and assets to their best advantage. Working with the Black Card Books team was a dream.”

“When you work with Gerry, you’re really working with a team of capable, dedicated people who can and will turn your dreams into reality. If you want to get your book done, this is the team! The best team I have ever worked with. They’re incredibly fun and, more importantly, they’re highly effective!”

“Black Card Books has provided me with much more support than I expected and surprised me by making far more additions to my book than I ever thought they would.”

“Gerry Robert is a superb teacher, mentor, and marketer when it comes to books and publicity. I’m grateful for his teaching and mentorship, and for all the support his dedicated team has given me to publish my book.”

“Working with Gerry Robert and the team at Black Card Books has been fabulous. Gerry is a wonderful mentor who loves and cares for all his authors and employees. He’s developed first-class training and support systems that embody his beliefs and core values. Most importantly, Gerry Robert and his team have great passion and unquestionable integrity.”

“I’d been planning to write a book for decades. Then I met Gerry Robert at his exciting workshop packed with all the know-how an author needs. He was the catalyst I needed. In five months, defying impossible odds, iPOSSIBLE® was published on schedule. I couldn’t have done it without the awesome support of the Black Card Books team!”

“Gerry and his team were there for me during the ENTIRE process of publishing my first book. Some speakers sell you something spectacular from the stage but let you down once you sign on the dotted line. Well, my book is proof that Gerry is not one of those people! His promise and method work wonders.”

“The absolutely first-class supportive, nurturing, encouraging, mentoring, and educating care provided by Gerry and Black Card Books throughout the writing, production and launch of the book surpassed all expectations. Gerry and the team enabled me to do it all in only seven months.”

“Gerry provides encouragement and pushes you to get going. He provides tools and advice that are useful and easily implemented. Even as a marketer I’ve found that Gerry provides an amazing amount of information to help fund and market not only the book but also my business. This has been truly invaluable to me.”

“The amazing Black Card Books team helped me achieve things I did not believe I could. Words cannot describe the feeling of having an experienced team behind you that believes in you, sometimes more than you believe in yourself. I am amazed at the culture of genuine helpfulness throughout the organization. Thank you, Black Card.”

“Gerry helped me break through the terror barrier when it came to writing this book. I struggled to open doors before I met Gerry. With his mentorship and proven training methods, I raised over $25,000 in two days. I achieved in three months what I had not been able to do in 10 years. Thank you, Gerry!”

“I’ve always dreamed of writing a book. When I met Gerry, I realized from his inspirational ideas that it could actually happen. Now my dream is becoming a reality! My sincere thanks to his outstanding team. Their personal and responsive support has made all the difference.”

“The team at Black Card Books is just that – a team. They were very supportive from start to finish. They were quick to offer resources and were very patient with me, all while spurring me on to keep at it. I appreciate the encouragement and positive attitudes! I know my relationship with Black Card Books is not over.”

“Awesome! Brilliant! Competent! Delightful! Educational! Fantastic! Great! Helpful! Inspiring! Joyful! Kind! Lovely! Meaningful! Nurturing! Original! Positive! Quality! Remarkable! Superb! Transformative! Unbelievable! Valuable! Wonderful! Insert infinite stream of superlatives!”

“They say this seminar is about books but it’s really about so much more… marketing, mindset, money, and more! No matter what you have to do, get yourself a ticket asap. Gerry is the best book authoring coach in the world. My story would never have been possible if I hadn’t changed my belief in what was possible. Gerry did that!”

“My experience working with Gerry Robert and his sharp, caring, results-oriented team has been amazing! My dream of becoming an author is now a reality thanks to Publish a Book & Grow Rich. Gerry gave me the right title for my book and the perfect book cover, which sparked the energy to begin my writing journey!”

“Gerry and the entire team at Black Card Books have been nothing short of exceptional! I’m impressed with the level of professionalism demonstrated by every single person I’ve worked with. Kudos on building a world-class support team, Gerry!”

“We’re off to a great start! I can’t wait to see what happens next with my book. I went to a class in Bangkok and it was such fun and so insightful.”

“The best ever! I went to a class in Johannesburg. It was a crowd of hundreds upon hundreds, but I felt they were speaking directly to me. It taught me to believe in myself. Get to a class - that’s my recommendation.”

“I have found the Black Card Books Instant Author Program to be very professional and the team 100% supportive. I really felt as though I had people holding my hand throughout the writing, editing and publishing process. Nothing was ever too much for this team and my book was published and printed within nine months of signing up for the program!”

"I greatly appreciate your work and look forward to additional mentoring. I am very confident so far that with the stuff I have, with your great guidance and some concerted effort from me and support of my family, we'll make a unique contribution to people's lives"

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