Virginia Phillips

Virginia Phillips

Virginia Phillips

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The Truth About TRAUMA

Virginia Phillips provides a practical roadmap for success, for individuals and businesses alike. She loves to meet people in their comfort zone and help them discover a path in which they can thrive in life, relationships, and in business, despite any obstacles they may encounter. Virginia is the owner of Triumph After Trauma Academy, as well as an inspirational speaker, a personal coach, a survivor, and a published author with two more upcoming books, including The Truth About Trauma.

Despite significant life snags, Virginia continues to see life as a journey, an opportunity to unearth any opportunity to enhance the lives of others. Her hunger for life is impressive, and her life story is awe-inspiring. Her books courageously examine raw, often unspoken struggles with trauma and clearly define avenues to triumph. Her teachings arm people and businesses with deep, helpful insight gleaned from both her professional expertise and her own personal life journey.

Virginia’s professional experience includes years of leading teams, advising management, and developing and giving training. She is an avid learner, having earned her master’s degree in human resource management, along with significant personal development and certifications in leadership and mediation.

Her aspiration to become an author and a speaker developed from her overwhelming need to prevent others—especially a close personal friend—from experiencing the same struggles, heartbreak, and lost opportunities she experienced. She has learned much from her own life-altering situations, and as she began to share her ideas, techniques, and theories, more and more people asked for additional education. Any person or business who feels the impact of change, emotional upset, stressful events, or desires something more in life or in business will benefit from this education.

Virginia has an uncanny ability to construct favorable interactions by leveraging perspective, personality temperaments, and communication through applied techniques and tested ideas. Her books, workshops, courses, speeches, personal coaching, and her learning Academy are dedicated to adding value and creating notable micro-successes for others. These mini-successes are the key to regaining one’s footing and stepping into a brighter future.

When Virginia isn’t looking for ways to make the world a better place, she spends time exploring Mother Nature, one step at a time. She truly enjoys traveling and playing card games. In fact, her relationship with Mother Nature was a key factor in her decision to reside with her spouse in beautiful Colorado, after living in many U.S. states and in Germany. She loves early mornings in Colorado and often wakes up before her alarm summons her, just to take a few extra moments to celebrate her life’s improbable existence.

No one should have to tackle financial worries, stigma, relationship woes, or loss from trauma alone. A large percentage of the population will experience trauma in life, and the demand for and on caregivers seems to grow exponentially every day. Even businesses experience trauma, in their own way. This book provides a much-needed roadmap for success for so many who are struggling in life, offering techniques, ideas, and lessons learned from trauma survivors.


You can finally pick up the pieces and move forward after change, crisis, or trauma. There is great power in perspective and communication, and these can help you gain momentum that will propel you toward a brighter future. This powerful system will enable you to comprehend your value, ease your struggle, and land on your feet.


A roadmap full of positive change and profound awakenings leads to a successful future.

  • Develop and embrace your personal vision, even when life stings.
  • Discover how to attain fulfillment, despite the struggle.
  • Find power where you are.
  • Understand your power to build a brighter future.
  • Giving can enhance relationships, as long as you let it.
  • Sway interaction in your favor without saying a word.
  • Battle fatigue happens, but it is not a lifestyle.
  • Cultivate tiny moments for micro-successes.
  • Recognize self-worth as your superpower.
  • Squeeze future minutes for possibilities beyond your imagination.
  • Work together; grow stronger.

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