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Sandra Yeow is a serial entrepreneur with a particular focus on the IT / Tech industry. Charismatic, passionate and motivated, Sandra overcame a difficult family background and precarious economic conditions by empowering herself through education. Boasting a diploma in Mechatronics Engineering (2002) and a bachelor of commerce (Curtin University of Technology, 2006), Sandra ventured in the world of tech start-ups with a lot of energy and with an open mind.

She is also a qualified Pilates instructors with Polestar Federation, as well as an author with a passion to help others achieve the full potential of their lives and careers.

Sandra is the first and only female champion for the MediaCorp Radio Subaru Impreza Challenge in 2007. She also received the Women Entrepreneur Award in the first quarter of 2017. Sandra’s determination is well-known by everyone. She believes that determination can solve every problem in all aspects of life.

Life is made of ups and downs. There are many struggles to face, but also things that drive us: hopes, dreams, expectations, goals.
As we grow older, we realize that things may not always end up the way we wish they would. Is it because our ambitions are too unrealistic, or is it because we just give up too easily?

Author Sandra Yeow is here to tell you that being motivated to overcome difficulties matters with her book Obstinacy Power. Through her sheer determination, Sandra managed to leave a difficult background behind and succeeded in many challenges and business ventures, empowering herself through perseverance and dedication.

Sandra’s book is all about helping readers develop winning strategies to reach their dreams and goals, achieving the happiness and fulfillment they deserve. Sandra ended up winning a car and overcoming her roots of poverty. Are you ready to discover what you can accomplish?


Achieve your dreams and goals by using Sandra Yeow’s proven strategies.


Master Sandra’s Obstinacy strategy to win your Life Back!

Discover the fine line between being obstinate and being determined.

  • Set your goals right
  • Gain focus
  • Train your mind

Learn how Sandra applied her strategies to win a car, and apply the strategies to:

  • Win your fitness
  • Win in your career
  • Win in your business
  • Win in a relationship
  • Win in your health

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