Rikke Wend Hartung

Rikke Wend Hartung

Rikke Wend Hartung

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Rikke Wend Hartung is a personal leadership coach, author and international speaker. She has worked with people development, transformational change, communication and learning for more than 15 years. She is the CEO and founder of www.ConfidentAndFearless.com which offers training, seminars, workshops, mentoring and coaching programs on courage, confidence, and personal leadership.

Originally from a small town in Denmark, Rikke’s path was laid out in accordance with the norm. But she found out that in order to live a fulfilled life, you have to take responsibility for creating the results you want in your life and in business and develop the courage to step off the given path.

Rikke’s mission is to grow personal leadership skills in people and create cultures of courage in organisations. “Grow your people so they can grow your business,” says Rikke and continues: “Supporting your people in their personal growth, empowering them to do their very best every day and building a culture of courage is the best thing you can do for your bottom line in the long term, because you get higher productivity and reduce problems with stress and absence. You also improve your employer brand so you can attract and keep the most talented people.”

Rikke’s own inquisitive nature, love of adventure and desire for personal growth have led her to live in four different countries, work in multiple industries and undertake a wide field of academic studies in film and media, communication, psychology, sociology, physics, chemistry, astronomy, political science, and business. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Film Studies, Communication & Psychology and is a certified personal performance coach.

A passionate educator and public speaker Rikke combines her knowledge from a wide array of academic fields and intercultural experience with storytelling and science-based knowledge to deliver powerful solutions and highly actionable content designed to transform and move her clients to the next level.


When we doubt our own abilities, we lose our power to maximise our potential and perform at our peak consistently. We settle for ‘good enough’ and let our lack of confidence keep us from progressing to the highest levels.

Results come when we take personal responsibility for overcoming our limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and fears. This book guides you from fear to confidence through 21 daily lessons in personal leadership.


Turn your fear into confidence so you can step into your personal power and become a resilient leader in business and in life.


earn the practices that will lead you to the life you want.

  • The building blocks of confidence.
  • How to build your power team.
  • How to set goals, create strategies and action plans.
  • How to say ‘no’, manage your energy and get things done.
  • How to change your current habits to habits of success and make the changes stick.
  • How to deal with your inner narrator and turn your limiting beliefs and negative thoughts into empowering self-talk.
  • Personal impact: How to look your best, communicate effectively and ensure you are perceived the way you intended.
  • How to apply the SMASH framework to achieve any goal.

Using humour and easy-to-digest language, this simple book serves up the key points and strategies to improve one’s life in 21 days.

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