Norma Audain

Norma Audain

Norma Audain

55 Plus

55 Plus

Norma Audain is a Social Worker, author, speaker and workshop facilitator. She has over 25 years of Experience working as a social worker in community health and social service agencies, in a rehabilitation centre and a continuing care hospital.

As a member of the demographic addressed in her book Norma has experienced some of the same challenges and employed several of the solutions described in 55 PLUS. She is very dedicated to empowering older women to live life to their fullest potential in a joyful and fulfilling way.

Originally from St.Kitts, West Indies, Norma migrated to England and then to Canada in 1971. Norma has a Master degree in Social Work, is registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers and is a member of The Ontario Association of Social Workers.

In an effort to give back to the wider society, Norma is involved in a voluntary capacity with various nonprofit community organizations. These include a health related agency, an artist organization which uses art to build community in a less advantaged area of the city and a group of women working to develop affordable housing for older single women where they can age in place independently, at the same time as being in a environment where they can support each other.

How is it as Older Women we sometimes buy into the notion that as soon as we arrive at age 55 Plus somehow we are “over the hill”?

Why is it that we often become invisible when we arrive at that certain age?

Why do we and others frequently feel that we are “too old” to start a new career, a new business or return to school?

Do you reject these notions? Do you feel that to the contrary, you are beginning a new and exciting phase of your life? Do you feel a sense of freedom and anticipation?

Learn how to…
In 55 Plus Norma Audain, shares with you how women over 55 can start getting more out of life. Based on her experiences, as well as those of many incredible women she has had the privilege of meeting and hearing their stories, she provides you with practical yet inspiring information to help you live actively and joyfully in this new chapter of your life.

In these pages you will uncover…

  • That change is inevitable, so learn how to embrace it
  • How to Make the Most of Every Moment As You Age

How Any Woman If She Wants To Can Thrive As She Ages!

  • Think of Obstacles and Challenges as your friends
  • Learn How to Reduce and Manage Stress
  • How to Find More Time to do the Things you Really Want to Do
  • How Women Who Are Single Can Avoid Loneliness
  • A Different Way of Thinking About Relationships
  • How to De – clutter Your Life
  • How to Feel Physically and Emotionally Healthy and Vibrant
  • Learn About Creative Aging
  • How to have the Courage to Do What You Love

55 PLUS is not about having a perfect existence as you age; rather it is about accepting change and taking responsibility for doing the things you have to do in order to live life to the fullest in spite of the challenges that may accompany that change.
– Fabienne Slama , Author of Renaissance Woman

This is a powerful book of tips and approaches to help women over 55 take charge of their physical and emotional well-being and to have the courage to do what they really love. An inspiring book! – Roxy Morris , Author of Momanizer

Powerful, practical and solid advice on aging with confidence and vitality. Apply the suggestions in this book and you are sure to feel more vibrant and alive as you age!
Carol Monnakgotla
, Author of Property Matters

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