Nicole Normand

Nicole Normand

Nicole Normand

Why Not You?

Why Not You?

Nicole Normand is a passionate, dynamic, high-energy leader and results oriented individual with over 20 years of corporate exposure and over 10 years of development, coaching and mentoring experience. The oldest of eight, she became a natural leader at helping others develop, gain confidence in defining who they are, realize their desires, goals, and long life dreams in being the best they can be. Nicole is a person who has ‘lived’ many defining moments and changes throughout her own life. As a result she is an advocate and big supporter of continuous learning and growth. Today she lives true to her own personal philosophy of leadership and transformation. She believes that continuous education and personal development is essential to living a prosperous and enriched life. Over several years she has completed numerous trainings, workshops and earned copious certificates culminating in the publishing of this book – Why Not YOU? For the last three decades Nicole has worked with individuals, entrepreneurs, corporate and spiritual leaders. Today she is a Key Note Speaker, designing and delivering workshops, seminars, mastermind sessions for individuals and clients in the public and private sectors. Nominated for sales “Ovation Award” in 2005 she is a proven leader and certified in:

  • Predictive Index Analyst
  • Strengths Finders
  • Leadership Matters

Nicole is a Certified Coach Practitioner with the Certified Coaches Federation. She has a Hypnolinguistics accreditation and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to all who are open to taking their next step and making a shift, by reinventing and transforming themselves, and ultimately living the life they want and deserve.
“Know that the journey to self-discovery for personal growth and success is stimulating, exciting, interesting and the richest journey you will ever take.” Coach, Speaker and Author of Why Not YOU? Nicole’s book has been endorsed by:

  • Bestselling Author, Gerry Robert – The Millionaire Mindset
  • Jean-Guy Franceour – The Messy Manager
  • Kim Redman ABNLP – Certified Master Trainer’s of NLP,one of an elite group of trainers that include Tony Robbins and Adriana James
  • Derrick Sweet – Master Coach at Certified Coaches Federation
  • And many more…

From a business perspective – Her objective is helping others to refocus their already sharpened skills for maximum alignment with their values; working with people to re-energize, clarify their goals, create their own “Brand” and work towards their strengths to maximize personal performance, success and satisfaction. Her approach is simple yet extremely effective with defined strategies in reinventing and building a rewarding personal or professional life – all the while having some fun going through an exhilarating journey – WHY NOT YOU?

You can break thru years of traditional thinking, bad habits, and unproductive activity and take control of your life. You will gain powerful system and insight to focus on your strength’s, make changes and live a life YOU have always wanted. Re-invent yourself to live a life with purpose, passion and real fulfillment. This book “Why Not YOU?” will teach you how to manifest the desires you have and how to make these desires happen fast with incredible speed. An exciting journey that will open a world of opportunities for you to execute and appreciate immediately.

  • Who you are, who you want to be and how to get there, create a blueprint for your life and put it into action
  • Simple tools and steps to change your thoughts and actions into positive vibes unique to you
  • How to attract the life you are looking for and establish lifelong tools
  • Why you’re spinning your wheels and never moving forward
  • A step-by-step system to break bad habits once and forever
  • How you can become financially free doing the things you enjoy doing
  • The most powerful secret to becoming wealthy, no matter how much money you have now
  • How to develop a BRAND for yourself that everyone will recognize and remember
  • How you can attract what you want into your life and be wiser when it comes
  • To focus on your top five strengths
  • Cultivate the right attitude to build confidence
  • Simple life lessons you can use every day to keep you moving forward and on track to living your purpose
  • The power of your mind and how to control your thinking, “no matter what!”

“Why Not YOU? is not just about re-inventing who you are. It is an eye-opening journey about self-awareness;
defining who you want to be so you can develop a NEW life. Learn how to execute new habits that will make
lasting effective changes by mastering your thoughts, strengths, and ability to re-creating yourself. Read it if you want to quickly and permanently transform your life to live with passion, purpose and reward, personally or professionally.”
– Gerry Robert, CEO/Bestselling Author of The Millionaire Mindset

“Uninspired? Stuck? Lost? Contact Nicole!” – Kelly Ferreira , Author of Power Up Your Life With A New Image

“In this brilliant book Why Not YOU? Nicole shows you how to switch the balance, take charge of the relationships you already have, and develop the relationships that you want! A must read for all those who want ot live life of purpose!” – Nikki Pett, Author of Relationship ROI

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