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Author, Entrepreneur and Speaker Neal Oates, Jr. is a real estate broker/owner specializing in high-end and international real estate transactions. With a decade of experience in the industry, Neal has earned respect from state and national industry leaders while continuing to connect with emerging stars destined for their own greatness. As a recipient of numerous awards and accolades Neal’s professional contributions are noticeably appreciated by his peers.

Neal arrived to Miami, Florida in 2006 and immediately became immersed in the world of real estate. Since then, Neal has participated in thousands of transactions resulting in the achievement of real estate dreams; of both clients and colleagues. Understanding the impact and importance of both real world “on the job” experience and structured education, Neal has attained numerous certifications and designations including CLHMS (Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist), CIPS (Certified International Property Specialist) and SFR (Short Sale & Foreclosure Resource). To his clients, this means that they have much more than an average real estate agent working for them. They have a dedicated professional on their side!

In 2014, seeing a void in client-centered real estate services, Neal opened World Renowned Real Estate
which provides world-class real estate services to the world’s most discerning clients and has since become a highly regarded, global brand. As a committed REALTOR leader, he volunteers at both the local and state levels to protect and improve the future of the industry he has come to love. Neal’s performance and reputation are the main driving forces behind his success and rapid emergence as one of the most prominent real estate brokers for luxury and international transactions.


What keeps most real estate agents from achieving the soul-stirring goals they foster in their hearts? Why do most leave the industry in less than three years? In most cases, it is because the initial visions of high-dollar, luxurious transactions are replaced by cruel reality: rental deals, canceled contracts, and more tasks than hours to complete them. How can a real estate professional survive in an ever-changing industry in which everyone seems to want to give less while taking more? Homes Of Luxury provides an action plan that will catapult you and your real estate business to levels once reserved for your wildest dreams.

Learn How. . .

Believe it or not, you can live the life you first dreamt about when you got your real estate license. Position uniquely yourself as better and not just different. Finally, take control of your future while enjoying the journey as you uncover a simpler way to sales excellence. Fast-track your break into the world of high-end real estate. Open your eyes to the power of intentional relationship-building and see how it can forever change your ability to stand above everyone else in the industry.

In These Pages You Will Uncover. . .

Learn to work with affluent buyers and sellers, even if you come from humble beginnings.

  • Understand that increasing foreign wealth affects how local real estate is traded.
  • Discover why global economy and market knowledge are imperative to success in high-end real estate.
  • Use professionalism and competence when competing with more experienced agents.
  • Outstanding service will always lead to an abundance of business.
  • Realize the importance of an all-star team that will help you anticipate changes.
  • Identify and solve the needs, desires, and concerns of affluent buyers and sellers.
  • Learn the drastic difference between value and price and why you must become a master of both.
  • What do wealthy individuals value more than money?
  • Construct solid offers that close and bring in more business.
  • Silence really is golden; learn how talking less speaks volumes more.

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