Myo H. Myaing

Myo H. Myaing

Myo H. Myaing

Think Richly!

Think Richly!

Myo H. Myaing is the author of Think Richly! and the founder, coach, consultant and trainer at The Gold & Silver Coach™. He has been investing in gold and silver for 9 years and has been helping clients for 6 years.

Myo had recently left behind his management position in corporate America to pursue his dreams and chose a career as a full time coach, consultant and trainer as well as spending time to write his books. He has written articles and blogs on gold and silver, and has helped his clients achieve their financial goals with gold and silver. He has a degree in Architecture and enjoys visualizing, designing and drafting client’s blueprints to success, and building his client’s dreams.

An entrepreneur at heart, Myo faced many challenges on his path to success which inspired him to write Think Richly! as a way to motivate and inspire himself and overcome his challenges. He is a member of Toastmasters, and also enjoys volunteering for community disaster relief work on his free time, and he has served as an Event Manager for the Build 1000 Homes Fundraiser for the survivors of Hurricane Sandy who had lost their homes.

Success is a mind game, and a marathon with hurdles. On our path to success, we face challenges and obstacles that could make us become discouraged and push us off our path and lose our way.

Having insights and wisdom from those who have walked the path before us could guide us back to our path to success quickly. Think Richly! Because our success depends on it. Think Richly! Because you can’t afford to think poorly.

Learn how…
To remain focused and inspired on our path to success when we face obstacles and challenges. Learn how to re-orient your thoughts when you have lost your way on your path to success. Learn how to re-energize your spirit when you have lost the will to continue. Learn how to find our purpose and passion when life seems to drift aimlessly. Learn how to adapt and overcome circumstances when life throws curve balls at us.

In these pages you will uncover…
The distilled insights and wisdom of the greatest men and women who have walked the path to success and riches and have paved the way for us. Let these inspirational insights and wisdom guide you and energize you on your path to success and riches.

The main difference between a successful person and a mediocre person is how they think, and how they respond to challenges and obstacles. Think Richly! Will change how you think about and respond to challenges and obstacles and give you the mental and spiritual boost you need to carry you through the finish line on your marathon to success.

  • The one secret that assures success.
  • The way to create unshakable faith and belief in yourself.
  • How to have an almost unfair advantage over others.
  • Why you need to think, visualize, and plan out your path to success.
  • Why you need the proper attitude to overcome challenges.
  • How you can boost your spirit when you feel overwhelmed by challenges.
  • How you can find your purpose and passion when you feel aimless and drifting.
  • How you can develop the inner strength and stamina to overcome challenges.
  • Why you need a team to assure success.
  • How to remove negative beliefs that are preventing your success.
  • How to use criticism and negative feedback to your advantage.
  • How to get rich doing what you love.

“Think Richly! is not about a get rich quick scheme or being a rich snob that everybody loves to hate. It is about reprogramming our minds to think like rich and successful people who had overcome their own obstacles and achieved lasting wealth and success. Read it if you want to finally, permanently erase and overwrite poor mental programming that is preventing you from success and wealth, and install a rich mindset to grow your well-earned success and lasting wealth.”
– Xander van der Schoor and F. Pasla, Author of The Delusion of Debt

“Read Think Richly! if you want to think like a winner that overcomes any challenges that gets in your way.” – James Tan, Author of Your Cash Moves

“If I could read only one book on success and achievement, Think Richly! is the one I would choose!”
David Teo
, Author of Friends Helping Friends to Become Richer

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