Milena Gacesa

Milena Gacesa

Milena Gacesa

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The Art Of Soft Selling


Born in Pula, Croatia (former Yugoslavia), Milena moved to Toronto, Canada in 1991. She graduated from the Humber College Creative Photography Program and went on to work for a digital camera store, where she quickly accelerated to the top 3 sales people in Canada. After 2 years Milena decided to follow her entrepreneurial dreams so she started her own photography business. Soon after making the leap she was successfully operating a boutique photography studio in the charming town of Islington Village in Toronto.

Throughout the years Milena realized the best part of business was the relationship building with her clients who became loyal fans over the years. Always being involved in personal development, Milena wanted to help others succeed.

As the creative aspect of photography began to lose it’s charm, she soon discovered the art of selling became her passion. Being a great sales person, Milena dove into the sales world working with training and development companies and even the fastest growing book publisher in North America. Now Milena trains sales professionals, entrepreneurs and authors on how to be effective in the most crucial part of business… sales. Milena has developed a non-traditional approach that is

simple and effective without the use of pressure tactics. She believes that even the most non-salesy person can become a sales rockstar. Milena wants her readers to know that the word “sales” doesn’t have to be a bad word. By following her teachings her readers will gain a new perspective on sales that is both enjoyable and fulfilling

Why do some sales people struggle to hit their quotas and others just seem to hit their numbers effortlessly? Why do most businesses fail in the first few years and others skyrocket? It all comes down to their sales! You don’t have to be pushy, sleazy or manipulative to become a great sales person. This book will show you a new, simple, and effective approach to become a sales rock star without pressure tactics or tricks.

Learn How . . .

To sell products and services by building relationships with your clients, over-delivering on value, creating attraction; have prospects coming to you and asking to buy from you instead of you chasing after them. No cold calling, no door to door knocking, and no manipulation tactics.

In These Pages You Will Uncover . . .

  • Position yourself as the expert in your field so your clients come to you
  • Identify buying triggers
  • Build authentic and lasting relationships with your clients
  • Believe in what you are selling and turn your prospects into believers
  • Sell by educating
  • Creating an irresistible offer that your client can’t refuse
  • Appeal to emotion
  • Give stuff away to get more than you thought possible.
  • Sell for a non-salesy sales person
  • Look at sales in a completely new way

“Stop trying to sell on your prospects. Instead start informing and empowering them so they can make the best decision… to chose you!”

Milena Gacesa
, Author of The Art Of Soft Selling

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