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The Engine of Success



Nomer Bartolata Meteoro is a speaker, coach, consultant, and businessman who works diligently with employees and entrepreneurs seeking success in their careers, businesses, and personal lives. Nomer has taught many ordinary people how to become extraordinary individuals who can enjoy their time and financial freedom with their families. Nomer looks for the best in all people and is committed to helping them to discover their full potential in themselves. His wife Joy and their two daughters, Maryjo and Chelsea, as well as his parents, Norbert and Merle, are a constant source of love, joy, and support to him. He is also the president and CEO of GOAL International Private Limited, a million-dollar company in Singapore. Learn more about Nomer and his success story by contacting him directly at


Do you struggle in every area of your life? Do you feel like you’re sinking every ounce of your strength into your career and business, or are you struggling to get things underway? The power of mindset and attitude can help you pursue your dreams in life. You really can find the time and financial freedom to travel around the world with your family, when you are powered by The Engine of Success!


  • Finally break the cycle of working hard, only to see the same lackluster results again and again.
  • Find your deepest why: What do you really desire in Life, in your health, finances, career, and especially in your family?
  • Stop the negative thoughts and blaming that have kept you from achieving success.
  • Change what you believe in order to change your life.
  • Discover that the most important person in this universe is you.



Ten reasons why you should have a successful career, business, and life.

  • Use a positive mindset to attract positive results.
  • Discover your potential that will result in success.
  • Learn the secret to unloading your bad feelings so you can enjoy a happy life.
  • Learn the process of manifesting the negative into positive.
  • Uncover your belief system so you can change it now.
  • Always operate with a gratitude attitude.
  • Discover the power of “I am.”
  • Learn how to love yourself first, before you love others.
  • Realign your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical world.
  • Stop being a victim and learn to be a victor.

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