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Manj Weerasekera

Manj Weerasekera

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The Divorced Man’s Guide To Finding Mrs. Right



Manj Weerasekera is a highly regarded international coach for divorced men. He has an in-depth understanding of human behaviour, how the mind is conditioned for either success or failure, and uses his skills to help his clients achieve truly inspiring results.

While working as a successful Executive Business Coach, Manj found himself supporting his clients in their personal relationships and saw firsthand how the pressures of managing a career or business can take its toll. This, along with his own personal experience and his desire to make the vital difference, made Manj the ‘Go To’ coach in this area, ‘The Fresh Start Guy’.

Manj’s targeted strategies help divorced men take the right steps to attract their ideal partner. He is passionate about his work, as the boosted levels of confidence in his clients have a remarkable impact on different areas of their lives. This includes their happiness, health, shape, vigour, career, business and peace of mind.

Manj has been featured in the media, including broadsheet newspaper and lifestyle magazine articles, television and radio.  He is an expert in personal communication and is a Life Skills Mentor to high net worth individuals (including some honoured by the Queen of England) and their families.

Manj has a world-class skills set that includes Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology, Performance Mindset Conditioning and the Psychology of Attention. He is a visiting speaker at the London Business School, has worked with peers from the UK House of Lords and co-produced a series of audio books published by the BBC. He is also the co-author of the international best-selling book, ‘Transform’ and is author of the success system, ‘The Merlin Approach’ . Manj is sought-after by professionals in his field and mentors several coaches.

He believes that we are all capable of much more than we imagine and has a deep interest in the humanistic aspect of life, self-expression and the potential we all have to positively impact our own lives and the lives of those around us. Manj is based in London, England.

Why is it that 60% of second marriages end in divorce, with over one third ending within five years? Are marital lessons not being learned the first time around, with men simply making the same mistakes over and over again without even being aware that they are making them?

These shocking statistics clearly show that the majority of men who are looking for love the second or even third time around start dating women without paying attention to vital areas covered by this revealing book. Vital areas that may have you attracting into your life the exact same woman in a different form! These pages may just contain some of the most important information you need if you are looking for lasting love and that all-important Mrs. Right.

Learn How . . .

You can successfully navigate several deadly traps, learn from your own hidden mistakes and make the right choice of partner, once and for all. You will see the power that your pre-set conditioning has on you in attracting a new person and you will be introduced to a simple yet powerful system for reversing any negative programming.

In these pages you will uncover . . .

What you need to DO and who you need to BECOME so that you maximize your chances of attracting that special person.

Transform your life after divorce by attracting the right woman for you, using a powerful set of simple strategies.

  • A simple 5-step approach powerfully designed to find your real and lasting love
  • Approaches that will keep you out of the dreaded 60% & 5-year club
  • Why what goes on inside your own head can turn women away and how to put that right
  • How neuroscience research can explain previous failures and how to use it to set yourself up for relationship success
  • How 1 and 1 can make 111. That the right relationship can improve your chances of success and growth in every area of your life, including your finances and health
  • Why leaving it up to chance may be a recipe for another disaster
  • Ways of finding happiness and peace of mind through the right partner
  • Why timing can make all the difference
  • How to literally design the woman you want, with all the traits you need
  • The freedom to finally be yourself in a relationship that could define you even further
  • What you need to do and what changes you need to make in a simple and straightforward structure
  • How to become the man your Mrs. Right deserves

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