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Agents Of Change

Jason Chong was born and raised in the vibrant and diverse city of Toronto, Canada. The eldest of four siblings, he grew up in a household driven by education, sports, and Caribbean culture. His early ventures as a child in newspaper delivery, and then as a young adult in retail and direct marketing helped him understand the value of hard work and customer service. As technology continued to evolve at a rapid pace, Jason took advantage by learning and then leveraging online auctioning and buy-and-sell platforms to become a power-seller. This experience taught him how technology can disrupt the traditional way of doing business and it helped him develop a passion for continuous learning.

After obtaining his degree in Business Technology Management and Human Resources from Ryerson University, he began his career by working on business transformation projects in the United States for various organizations. Soon he discovered that collaborating and partnering with a wide breadth of people and teams are critical success factors when implementing change. Throughout the years, Jason has worked on projects with people and organizations in a variety of industries on a global scale. His focus on a successful project delivery and transition for his clients have always been at the forefront of his work.

Jason holds a strong belief that change brings opportunity, which in turn leads to results. By adopting a change mindset, Jason continues to help others identify and take action on high-impact projects to reach their goals. In addition to his professional work, he participates in mentorship programs and volunteers in alumni organizations to provide service to others and help them realize their untapped potential.

He often refers to his favorite personal quote: “If you’re not willing to change, then neither will your results.”

Why is it that so many of us expect results to come our way without change? Why is it that many people feel stuck when trying to climb the corporate ladder or grow a business year after year? Why does it feel like you are moving sideways and just can’t wait for that breakthrough moment? You need Agents of Change because waiting isn’t working and the moment is now to take action!

In Agents of Change, Jason Chong shares with you a step-by-step system to adopt change and build a platform to launch you to the next level of success!

Learn how to…

You can inherit an Agents of Change mindset to create a long-lasting and impactful change. You will see how being resistant to change has held you back from moving forward and how you can reverse this mindset. You will learn key strategies that will enable you to transform and take control of your current personal, financial, and professional environment in order to reach continuous levels of growth.

In these pages you will uncover…

In these pages you will uncover a process for understanding your vision, your goals, your mindset and your environment. You will see the impact that comfort has had on your current results, and how change can be used as a platform for growth and opportunity.

Achieve extraordinary results and reach your desired future state as an Agent of Change.

  • Why investing in yourself and becoming a “learn-it-all” instead of a “know-it-all” will increase your results.
  • Learn why innovation and continuous improvement are the drivers for growth and sustainability.
  • How to adopt an Agent of Change mindset to create opportunities, accelerate progress, and influence others to take action.
  • Learn about the importance of transformation in three areas: Financial, Personal, and Business.
  • How to build a platform that aligns with your goals to keep you on track while advancing you from your current to future state.
  • A step-by step system on how you can define and implement impactful projects that ignite long lasting change.
  • 5 critical skills to develop and build in business for the next decade and beyond.
  • 4 key communication styles to help you adapt and become a master communicator.
  • Learn how to adopt technology that will enable you to change the way you work, engage, and collaborate with others.
  • Enable financial change and understand the importance of money management.
  • How to build a circle of influence to get what you want from others that have it.
  • Taking accountability to others and leading by example.

“Jason Chong addresses a highly relevant issue at a time when change is a necessity to cope with the speed of the competition.”
– Krysta Woo, Author of 7 Habits of Highly Profitable Practitioners

“Agents of Change is not about trying to change for the sake of changing. It is about understanding the positive side of change and working towards results. Read it if you want to learn how to use change to create opportunity and stay ahead of the competition.” – Dr. José Cross, Author of Business is Booming

“Agents of Change addresses the issue of why so many people work so hard and still can’t catch up. If you want to learn about the root causes of success in business and in life, then read this book!” – Gurunath Hari, Author of The 6 Dimensions

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