James R Johnson Jr.

James R Johnson Jr

James R Johnson Jr

The End of BS

The End of BS

James R Johnson Jr. joined the military at age 17 because he had no other plan. After 11 years of trying to figure out where he was headed, he left the Army to pursue a career in sales. Sales was not his idea, it was suggested by a friend who said he “talked good”. He struggled in direct sales, real estate and eventually landed a career in retail automotive sales. Again, he struggled in the beginning until someone suggested he attend a sales training seminar in a neighboring state.

That training was a life changing event. In one short day he learned that there were methods to obtaining success, about goal setting, planning and taking action. Although he had some talent, he unknowingly lacked skills. He learned that with proper training he could dominate in his chosen field and did so. More importantly, he had an attitude shift. He became a student of sales, management and psychology. He rapidly advanced to management positions with various organizations. James received his greatest satisfaction by teaching other salespeople and passing on not only his experience but also showing others how to professionalize and to get more out of life than they ever thought possible.

After decades in the car business, he has made the transition to life coach, trainer and mentor. Over the years he has studied not only sales but also performance psychology, hypnosis, and NLP. In addition to going into a coaching practice, He now passes on what he knows has worked for him and others he has worked with over the years.

Why do some people seem to have it all while others struggle just to make ends meet? Why have so many been fooled into believing that hard work equals success? Why do people keep running into the same brick walls? Why do so many people go through life feeling undeserving of success? The unsuccessful were never taught what comes to others naturally. Many who are achievers were not formally taught how to get what they want but they do. Because more is caught than taught many of the so called lucky ones cannot teach you what comes so naturally to them. But you can learn from one who had to discover the secrets to success on-his-own.

Learn how to…
The BS that clutters your belief systems will never allow you to enjoy all life has to offer. Now you can stop settling for what life hands you and chart your own destiny. Start living a well planned out life and stop being a small part of other peoples’ dreams. You will learn that the answers to all your dreams have been with you all along and how to take back your power.

In these pages you will uncover…

How you have literally been placed on the tip of an iceberg when your birthright is unlimited, health, wealth and happiness

You were built for success but just weren’t given the operators manual to unleash your unlimited potential – Well here it is!

  • You were fed a bunch of BS – But never again
  • What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
  • What would you do if money was no object?
  • To be successful you must define what success means to you
  • What is mind power and how does it affect you
  • Your hidden mind that controls you day and night
  • How to develop desire
  • Defend yourself against harmful words especially your own
  • Why you deserve success and how to obtain it
  • How to see into the future
  • Exchange value for riches
  • A plan of action that never fails

“The End of BS is not a book of fluff, it is the operator’s manual for the mind that we were never issued. This is what most people are looking for when it comes to being able to live a full life. Read it, make it part of your daily routine and you will have working instructions to make the changes you want to see in your life.”
– Kimbereley Linert, Author of Eye on Success Visualizing : Happiness in Every Area of Your Life

“Thank you James Johnson for sharing with us in The End of BS not only what you learned during your career but what you shared with others face to face in training and mentoring to help them unleash their potential. Every man and woman should not only own and read this book but be teaching it to the young people in their lives.”
– Tamara Royal, Author of Bitch It up a Notch ! – Putting Some Edge Into Your Life to Achieve Your Dreams

“The End of BS is highly recommended reading for anyone who is not satisfied with what life has handed them so far. This book will remind you that life is for the living but more importantly it will make you want to go for it and live like you never thought possible before. You need this book!”
Roxy Morris
, Author of MOMANIZER: Teaching Moms How To Build Their Own Business (Without Sacrificing Family Time)

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