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If Not You – Who?

Elynn Yap is an investor and advocator of personal financial management. She graduated with an Accountancy Degree from Nanyang Technology University in Singapore, before embarking on a banking career where she became Head of her Department.

Determined to gain further success, Elynn undertook various courses to learn how to better manage her finances as well as grow her wealth. Through her journey, she realized the importance of starting financial management early in life to maximize the benefits.

Elynn’s goal today is to educate parents on the benefits of starting children early on money matters. Although there is no single formula for all children, her book If Not You – Who? aims to provide key concepts and simple tools, which all parents can tailor to the learning of their children.

Think back to the time of your first job, the money you earned and your spending habits. Do you look back and have regrets; perhaps for not saving enough, investing and planning for your future?

Unfortunately financial literacy was not a subject taught in school; which could equip you with the necessary skills in life to make informed choices on effective money management.

How can you ensure your child’s experience is different? If Not You – Who? reveals easy steps parents can employ to kick-start an early journey of financial literacy for their children; ensuring they are educated not only on the attainment of financial security, but financial success!

Learn how to…
Financially successful individuals highlight the importance of early parental influences in their lives.

If Not You – Who? simplifies key financial concepts which can be translated into everyday living.

Starting your child’s financial education earlier is easier!

In these pages you will uncover…

  • Key financial rules your children need to know
  • Tips from parents with financially successful children
  • Simple games to educate and reinforce financial rules
  • How to incorporate concepts of financial know-how in day-to-day living

Raise financially successful children
while strengthening your bond

  • Educate your child key financial rules
  • Early kick-start to financial literacy
  • Teach your child effective money management
  • Instilling desirable money habits in your child
  • Kick-starting your child’s investment knowledge
  • Learn the power of compounding
  • Encourage the creativity in your child
  • Develop a financially encouraging environment
  • Be a financial advisor to your child
  • Strengthen the bond with your child
  • Grow without limits

“If Not You – Who? is not merely reiterating financial definitions, but masters the key money rules to educate and institute good habits in your children, whilst strengthening the parent-child bond. Read it if you want to raise financially successful children!”
– James Tong, Author of Ignite

“If Not You – Who? provides practical, relevant and easy applied solutions for parents to educate their children on money rules. I encourage all parents to read it for great long-term benefit to their children.” – Guy Bowden, Author of Gain Without Pain!

“This book touches on current and key economic issues relevant to any parent who wishes to instill good money management habits in their children. Providing your children with the tools and teaching them ‘how’, is more beneficial than doing it for them!”
Kenneth Low
, Author of Family Legacy

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