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Dr. Tamara Bugembe

Dr. Tamara Bugembe



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Helper Bees



Tamara Bugembe is a paediatrician who trained and worked in one of the leading paediatric research hospitals in the UK, which exposed her to cutting edge care. She has helped thousands of families through numerous childhood illnesses, and  is currently a consultant paediatrician with King’s College Hospital, London.

After a dreadful winter where UK emergency departments saw more children than any other winter this decade, Tamara decided to do something to help equip parents with practical strategies for managing their sick children at home.

Tamara took advantage of her direct access to experts in the field, interviewing specialists in order to get the most up-to-date information. Many specialists have a few tips and tricks up their sleeve that Tamara has managed to tease out for the readers of this book.

All parents know how nerve-racking it can be when a child is sick. Everyone has different advice, leaving parents with information overload and unable to discern, which piece of advice is safe and which is out of date. Children’s health manuals are often brick-like and difficult to navigate, whilst the Internet (oh yes, we all end up there!) contains pages and pages of scary stories and pictures. The last place you want to go to is a germ infested hospital to wait for hours on end, only to be told to go back home.

If you seek practical advice about whether you can treat your child’s symptoms at home or whether you need to go the doctor, this is the book for you. In 10 simple chapters I address the common problems children experience in the first five years, so that parents do not have to wade through an encyclopaedic manual, frightening Internet sites, or waste time in hospital waiting rooms.

Helper Bees is written by a paediatrician who has done exhaustive research and spoken to experts to make sure that her advice is practical, up-to-date, and includes all the unique tips the specialists have picked up during their many years of practice. Discover strategies you can use immediately without information overload.

Learn How . . .

  • Train your baby to sleep through the night in their own bed
  •  Manage common childhood illnesses without pulling your hair out
  • Take control of tantrums and emotional outbursts
  • Find the right person to look after your child

Discover loads of specialist advice without having to spend weeks waiting for an appointment. Such as:

  • What dieticians and nutritionists advise about weaning foods
  • How psychologists and behavioural specialists suggest managing a toddler’s tantrums
  • Distraction techniques used by play specialists
  • Simple tricks recommended by a speech therapist to help tackle a speech impediment early
  • An occupational therapist’s tips on how to build your child’s coordination

Packed with scientific evidence and expert opinions, Helper Bees contains important information about the most common illnesses a child may face.

  • Have a clear plan for how to manage your child’s symptoms
  • Save yourself hours of unnecessary waiting in Accident and Emergency
  • Keep a list of clear indicators for when your child’s symptoms require a doctor’s review
  • Discover important strategies you can try at home while waiting for an appointment
  • Learn the reasons behind the advice your doctor or nurse is giving you

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