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Burden No More



Making people smile to perfection is Dr. Sujit Pardeshi’s profession, and soft skill training is his passion. he is an author, dentist, personality development and management trainer, and a public speaker. he has an MBa in human resources management and was awarded the Certified National Trainer status by junior Chambers International for soft skills and management skills.

He has developed special training modules for doctors in general and dentists in particular. a seasoned trainer, Sujit has conducted hundreds of seminars and workshops across India and beyond. he has written a series of 28 articles on improving the soft skills and dental practice management techniques in various Indian Dental association publications. he is a pioneer and the only professional trainer of this kind in India, and is an authority on the practice of management.

There is tremendous competition in most fields, including in dentistry, particularly in today’s world. Factors like an increasing number of dentists; growing material costs; heightened patient expectations; and a ceiling on overall treatment costs make the practice of dentistry more difficult than it once was.

Most dentists want to see growth in his or her practice, and likely takes every effort for the same. But dental practices can too quickly become stagnated. Every dental school teaches clinical dentistry, but professional guidance on how to sell that expertise is usually missing. Dental practitioners are not aware of the secrets to building a consistently successful practice over the years.

Whether you are a new dental practitioner or an established one, if you follow certain principles you can take your practice to newer heights. If you’ve got the zest to grow your practice exponentially, this book is for you.

Learn How To . . .

Develop a competitive edge and remain one step ahead of others in your field. This handbook will reveal many simple, yet highly effective ideas that can be easily implemented in daily practice so that you achieve unbelievable benefits.

In These Pages You Will Uncover . . .

Practical tips and insights for establishing, growing, and sustaining a highly profitable dental practice.

  • Discover the secret of building a profitable dental practice
  • Learn how changing your words can really change your world in a dental clinic
  • Find out how to effectively use simple negotiation tactics to win almost every patient
  • Learn to brand your dentistry business
  • Discover how proper presentation helps in winning patients
  • Discover that effective management is the key
  • Find out how adding value can get you any price you want from patients
  • Learn why questions or objections are faced in daily practice and how to deal with them
  • Discover ways to use technology to grow your practice
  • Learn how your positive attitude is the most important ingredient

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