Connie Larkin

Connie Larkin

Why Not Me?

Why Not Me?


Born in communist Romania, Connie escaped the regime at the age of 24, with only 20 U.S. dollars sewn into her jeans. If the airport authorities had caught her with foreign currency, she would have been removed from the airplane and missed her chance at freedom. Her destination was Israel. There, she was a Christian living with an assumed Jewish name, entirely alone.

After high school, with back up from powerful people her father knew, Connie did not go to the university, but landed one of eight places in an exclusive Romanian Ministry of Tourism school for hotel receptionists. In Israel, she was able to get a job in the same field. There, she graduated from the Israel Ministry of Tourism school for tourist guides. This was possible because she was fluent in four languages.

Once Connie’s journey to physical freedom was complete, life put her on another path. One weekend evening, in July 1983, just by chance, she came across something that opened her life to unimaginable spaces of being. A lid was taken off of her potential, so to speak. What made that possible was the Erhard Seminars Training, or EST training.

Ever since, Connie has had undisputed, unconditional, ever-present love, gratitude, and respect for Werner Erhard. He had the genius to put together a form of communicating ontological knowledge in an astonishingly pragmatic way.

While involved with Werner’s courses, Connie got that all human beings were extraordinary by nature, with nothing missing, very few realizing this to be so. Lacking the access to a deep understanding of themselves, they continued searching, suffering and surviving, never truly living, even though happiness is a matter of choice, she says.

In her experience, the source of the extraordinary results in Werner’s courses is an education that has been available on this planet since times immemorial. This education belongs to all of us and is the fruit of the entire humanity and maybe . . . more. Only the “way” it has always been presented was different, correlated with our different levels of understanding.

Of all these ways, Connie prefers the quick, direct approach of people like Werner Erhard, Alan Watts and Zen Masters, to mention just a few.

As an instructor of the PhotoReading® course, as well, she learned to look for the essence in a book. Therefore, this book represents more or less just the “blitz” of ontological education she has experienced and the radical awakening it can provide.

In Why Not Me?, the readers distinguish together with Connie Larkin, while they read, the barriers that stop us, as human beings, from being happy.

What you can expect to get from this book:

  • Fundamental facts you should know regarding what stands between you and what you desire to achieve in your life.
  • A few shortcuts to achieving results in a spectacularly short period of time, in spite of “insurmountable” problems.
  • Unfailing tips for connecting to the source of joy and how to generate it as long as you want.

Learn How . . .

Look at things clearly and directly, without the need for conflicting interpretations.

In These Pages You Will Uncover . . .

Learn to better understand the reasons for confused thinking and how, with this understanding, we can take corrective action.

Discover the power in gaining access to your own thinking, and the responsibility for your choices, whatever they may be.

Discover how to be present to your communication and the real reason behind it.

  • Discover the value of truthful communication.
  • Not having access to truthful communication has the same effect as putting cream over mud: It does not make a cake.
  • Without truthful communication there is little chance of being authentically happy.
  • Truthful communication requires thinking for oneself.
  • How do you know with certainty when you are thinking for yourself?
  • Many of us are afraid of truly being happy, but why?
  • Our true nature is happiness itself.

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