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Carole Felmy is a French designer, consultant, engineer, and author. Prior to settling in Australia, she worked across Europe and North America. She founded her Melbourne-based web and graphic design studio in 2010 and launched Prezilab in 2015, specializing in creating powerful visual presentations, infographics, and visual narratives.

Carole is one of few world’s certified independent Prezi experts. She harbours a great passion for helping game changers communicate ideas and thrives on assisting public speakers, transformative business consultants, and governmental agencies to harness the power of visual presenting that allows them to truly engage and inspire people.

Carole Felmy has been working with innovators, corporates, and government to create powerful internal and external changes. Harnessing the power of visuals, she helps presenters stand out and make a meaningful impact.


Presentations are a powerful tool to pitch, motivate, inspire, and transform the world. Nevertheless, how many death-by-PowerPoint attacks have you been subjected to? How many ideas are glazed over or misunderstood, while other, seemingly less impressive ones, are adopted and implemented? The difference is in the way those ideas are communicated.

The art of presentation is the art of communicating ideas, of touching hearts, influencing minds, and inspiring action for the greater good.

The best visuals can’t always save a hollow message or a poor delivery, but poorly designed visuals will always detract and undermine your story. Most presentations are still entrenched in rigid slides and bullet points. These results in unnatural ways of thinking that are pervasive remnants of a linear, hierarchical model of decades past.

In The Visual Presenter, discover how to move away from boring, conventional presentations and stand out with memorable, visual stories. Infuse meaning and use evocative visuals that will truly move your audience and drive them to action. Your mission is to open eyes and expand minds, and through it, you can make things happen!


Break away from boring slides and bullet-point thinking.

By changing your mindset and applying the various approaches in this book, you will create truly powerful visual presentations your audience will remember.


Design visual presentations that truly engage your audience.

  • How to weave content and visuals for maximum impact.
  • How to break away from bullet points and death by PowerPoint.
  • How to engage, inform, and inspire your audience.
  • How to distill ideas into crystal-clear messages.
  • How to superpower your presentations with metaphors.
  • How to harness the power of storytelling to connect the dots.
  • How to make your ideas stick using a simple memory champion technique.
  • How to engage your audience and move them to action.
  • How to turn your presentation into a content marketing goldmine.

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