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Precession Map


Since 1990, JDC Amane has been a professional freelance Comic Artist with six comic books published. He does also possess experience in teaching students from 4th grade to adult of creative drawing.

After obtaining a degree in Computer Engineering, he began to pursue his career as an electronic engineer. At 2004, he had made an invention which he named it Micro-Coilless Motor and patented it. This was his very first Precession he had achieved.

As an engineer as well as an artist; JDC is a person fully using both of his right and left brains. With the Law of Precession, he has also created Reverse Summation, M4&M5 and Precession Map which boost individual’s or group’s creativity, planning and problem solving abilities.

Ishikawa (Fishbone) diagram is good for finding the main cause of the problem and, JDC created Problem-Solving Precession Map that when both are used together they create phenomenal solutions to most major TQC issues.

Don’t get stuck by your current circumstances!!

PRECESSION MAP (PM) provides four approaches to your success: SIIS Direction Chart SIIS DC standsfor success (Story, Life), Innovation, Improvement, and Solution

SIIS DC stands for Success (Story, Science), Innovation, Improvement and Solution.

SUCCESS (STORY, SCEINCE) – When an issue is successfully resolved, it becomes a success story for followers. A living organism that has evolved for millions of years and still exists today becomes a science for study. What are the similarities? They come out with new ideas or evolve to become successful in their aspect. In other words, they PRECESS throughout! Once you have successfully acquired what you want, this will become your successful story.


INNOVATION – Sometimes you have an idea, but you feel it still requires several supporting ingredients to manifest into something phenomenal. Maybe you have several ideas, and you’re not sure how they can be put together to become one incredible, workable idea. Innovation PM will guide you to list all your ideas as they are right now, so you can visualize them clearly as an integrally effective whole.AmaneChu-MEDIA-KIT-2.pdf_0000_Layer-2


IMPROVEMENT – Nothing is perfect in this world. Improvement PM helps you clearly see the possible ways you can improve an item or a system, regardless of all the possible challenges.


SOLUTION – Each of us faces challenges every single day. TQC projects challenges, family disagreements,relationship issues, personal problems, etc., and Solution PM guides you through the processes in detail till you meet your solutions, your preferred destinations.


Perhaps, Total Quality Control (TQC) is the buzzword in businesses these days and SIIS DC throws light on how to approach solutions, improvements effectively and make the most out of it.

So many people fail to achieve what they want. Reading the tips in this book will help anyone overcome that obstacle and succeed because you and I are PrecessPreneurs, because we are doing precessions everyday!!

Learn How To . . .

It is significant to know the Reverse way to do a summation rather just doing the forward ways – plan for the outcome not just work for the outcome.

  • TashiMania – an edutainment mobile app that challenges you and your children’s ability on Reverse Summation.
  • Mind Map gives a big picture of what your current situation you are in, M4 (My Mini-Mind Map) gives you a paged, levelized Mind Maps for you to focus on each individual item/issue/ matter to deal with.

Precession Map (PM), a phenomenal tool that guides you towards your vision realization in four ways: A Life’s PM, Creation PM, Improvement PM and Problem Solving PM.

All the secrets to a clear picture of creativity and solution are found in this book!

In These Pages You Will Uncover . . .

  • Enhance your problem solving skills in your own directions.
  • Bring your creativity to the next phase with Creation Precession Maps.
  • Upgrade your working environment to the next level.
  • Understand the secrets yourself deeper in current stuck stage and remove all the ‘stoppers’ around you.
  • TashiMaina with Reverse Summation make your children more interested in Mathematics and improve the abilities in it.
  • You are given an outcome to work for, now you are planning the outcome yourself and work for it.
  • M5 guides your grade 1-6 children have a clearer picture of their Science subject.
  • With Problem Solving Precession Maps, you have a very clear picture of your current stage, your TQC projects.
  • You are able to do a proper upgrading on the certain thing / system in your corporate entity with Improvement Precession Maps.
  • With combination of A Life’s PM and Improvement PM, you’ve gotten out of STUCK stage!

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